Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac Symbol         –    Water-bearer
  • Duration                    –    January 20 – February 18
  • Constellation            –    Aquarius
  • Zodiac Element       –    Air
  • Zodiac Quality         –    Fixed
  • Sign Ruler                 –    Saturn (ancient), Uranus (modern)
  • Detriment                 –    Sun
  • Exaltation                 –    Mercury
  • Fall                             –    Pluto
  • Aquarius sign is an Airy sign and here better part of Saturn comes in to play.

  • Being an airy sign Aquarius natives are very intellectual and capable of solving complex problems by deep thinking process.

  • Aquarius is represented by a women with pot in her hand as nobody knows what is in the pot similarly nobody knows what is inside the head of Aquarius natives.

  • These people keep their emotions to themselves only.

  • These people are the one who will enjoy with friends in evening and fight for social cause in morning.

  • These people have strong sense of judgement and will standby on right side regardless of consequences.

  • Due to patience of Saturn these people are good listeners and like intellectual conversations.

  • Only negative trait in them are these people do not want to be confronted on emotional plane and secondly these people do not compromise to there rules.

  • These people believe in drawing lines weather it is accepted by anyone or not does not matter to them.

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