Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac Symbol         –    Mountain sea-goat
  • Duration                    –    December 21 – January 20
  • Constellation            –    Capricornus
  • Zodiac Element       –    Earth
  • Zodiac Quality         –    Cardinal
  • Sign Ruler                –    Saturn
  • Detriment                –    Moon
  • Exaltation                –    Mars
  • Fall                            –    Jupiter, Neptune

First sign owned by Saturn, Earthy in nature, very practical in nature and effect of Saturn is completely in this sign.

Capricorn is represented by fish goat hybrid.

Capricorn natives are most serious than any other signs as due to effect of Saturn most of the time there concentration is on getting goal achieved.

Very responsible to get the job done and also hard working.

Even in young age these people take responsibility of family and sacrifice themselves for the happiness of others.

Capricorn natives hardly spend money on themselves as they believe in saving money for bad times.

Since ruled by Saturn these natives have lot of patience in getting job done and it does not matter how much time job will take but ultimately slowly and steady these people will achieve the target. For example-Dashrath Manji.

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