Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac symbol     –    Twins
  • Duration               –    May 21 – June 21
  • Constellation       –    Gemini
  • Zodiac element   –    Air
  • Zodiac quality     –    Mutable
  • Sign ruler             –    Mercury
  • Detriment            –    Jupiter
  • Exaltation            –    Ceres, North node
  • Fall                        –    Neptune, South node
  • It’s a Dual sign ruled by Mercury and airy in nature. Due to airy sign they can easily visualise things and make pictures in their head.
  • Represented by man and woman together shows duality in their nature and it shows in their personality as well.
  • If you ever comes across a person who has opinion on everything and can discuss everything from stock market, government to his new shoes with in 30 minutes of chat, then for sure he is Gemini.
  • Being a dual sign they never take a stand against anyone and goes with flow.
  • You will find Gemini ascendant mostly involved in paperwork, press, communications, post-office as it is ruled by Mercury- Messenger of Gods.
  • Talkative in nature and can express themselves in beautiful form.
  • Good in mimicry as they tend to observe very minute details and pay very close attention to everything happening around them.
  • Multitasking is their quality and you will find they are capable of running multiple business at same time.

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