Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac Symbol          –    Scales
  • Duration                    –    September 23 – October 23
  • Constellation            –    Libra
  • Zodiac Element        –    Air
  • Zodiac Quality          –    Cardinal
  • Sign Ruler                 –    Venus
  • Detriment                 –    Mars
  • Exaltation                 –    Saturn
  • Fall                             –    Sun

Libra is an airy sign and second sign owned by Venus, while Taurus was earthy sign running towards money, Libra is an airy sign who does lot on mental plane.

Libra is represented by sign balance, Libra natives tries to balance pros and cons in every situation.

If you ever ask any of you family or friends opinion regarding travelling from New-Delhi to Mumbai by bus or train ? Person who will give you advice in a form in which he will advocate both means by telling you pros and cons of both will be the person of Libra.

Even if a enemy comes to Libra natives for advice these people will give the best advice they can as it is in their nature to guide people to right path.

Libra natives are diplomatic, open minded and social in nature and tend to mix up with everyone.

Sometimes due to their nature of balancing pros and cons they tend to delay decisions in life for which they regret also.

You will find libra natives open to admit their mistakes and ready to improve based on new information provided.

Libra natives do not shy away to learn anything new even from 5 year old kid as these people embrace knowledge and believe in healthy discussion but never the violence and try to avoid conflict with anyone.

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