Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac Symbol           –    Archer
  • Duration                     –    November 22 – December 21
  • Constellation             –    Sagittarius
  • Zodiac Element        –    Fire
  • Zodiac Quality          –    Mutable
  • Sign Ruler                  –    Jupiter
  • Detriment                  –    Mercury
  • Exaltation                  –    Neptune, South Node
  • Fall                              –    Ceres, North Node

Sagittarius is 9th sign of zodiac and first sign owned by Jupiter, This is a fiery sign and since owned by natural benefic Jupiter a very optimistic and positive sign.

Sagittarius is represented by –Human archer on top and lower body is of Horse.

Sagittarius natives are very fond of travelling and mostly you will find these people in jobs where travel is required as these people enjoy travelling around.

Sagittarius natives don’t think twice before giving advice to others as they do not think how rude or illogical their advice may be.

Usually the ones with big mouth.

Sagittarius natives are open minded and tend to work in a team and easy way to spot them in team is their way of approach to complete targets is by wonderful planning but always happy go lucky attitude considered as happiest sign of Zodiac.

Negative traits of this sign is sometimes these people promise more than they can actually do and unable to deliver.

These people love to teach and tend to do good in a role of a mentor, coach, city planners but these people never pay attention to details and easily gets irritated when someone points out small details while panning. (Jupiter effect)

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