Sign And Symbols

  • Zodiac symbol        –    Bull
  • Duration                  –    April 20 – May 21
  • Constellation          –    Taurus
  • Zodiac element      –    Earth
  • Zodiac quality        –    Fixed
  • Sign ruler                –    Venus, Earth
  • Detriment               –    Mars (ancient), Pluto (modern)
  • Exaltation               –    Moon
  • Fall                           –    Uranus

Taurus is an earthy sign, ruled by Venus, fixed in nature and represents eyes and neck in human body.

Taurus is represented by Bull-Imagine bull who walks on street in his own world without disturbing others and not bothered by anyone else, not in any hurry and walks calmly, similar is the nature if Taurus.

They do interfere in anyone’s life and keep their emotions to themselves only, very calm and composed but if anyone try to harm them or if they sense danger these people become aggressive and forever get these type of people out of life.

Since ruled by Venus, Planet of luxury and wealth, People with Taurus ascendant never gets satisfied with amount of money they have, Money is very important factor in their life.

These people use wealth to decorate their home to very detail, fond of buying new dresses and ornaments.

These people love to be host of party so they can show off their house decoration, new clothes, crockery.

These people never express their emotions to anyone and do not like
changes in life due to fix nature of sign.

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