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Who Should Attend Online Numerology Course?

Those who learn numerology online, also known as an 'occult science', should have an open mind and an ability to look further into what might previously have appeared earthly with the help of numerology training. The best online numerology course would especially enjoy students or those interested in astrology, palmistry, tarot and psychic creation.



Any Engineers

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Why Should You Learn Numerology From Us?

Numerology is a belief in divine, mystical relationships between numbers and their coinciding events. The study of numerology is associated with the numeric value associated with names, words, and ideas. Numerology is an occult science that deals in the relationship of numbers with physical objects or living things. People who believe in numerology believe that numbers have an impact on relationships, health, career, marriage in general.

Numerology works with astrology by combining their studies to distinguish your personality traits and predict the future. Both studies use science and mathematics to determine each reading for the future. For health, money, stability, good fortune, and happiness, Anjaney Vastu offers you a Numerology course online. We at Anjaney Vastu help people find the right way to get the most reliable prediction of their lives by testing their horoscope. Any report and advice we offer is 100% personal advisory, and reports are manually written under the personal guidance of Anurag Sharma & Sunjay Sharma. 

We commit ourselves to the people who believe us. The aim is to improve and orient people’s well-being and live well in India and achieve their living goals with Vedic Vastu’s knowledge of astrology and numerology. It has been a significant provider of naming and other solutions for anyone who would like to guide others. A person who has begun his/her career in Numerology can earn from 35,000 to 50,000 per month and an accomplished worker can earn from 70,000 to 1,50 000 per month. The Numerology online course provides enticing money, recognition, respect and renown.

Numerology is a group of practices that examine the association between a variety of circumstances and coincidences. This approach is used to determine if there is a potential possibility or to describe an event. The field of numerology is broad, and we are here to help you to understand this area conceptually. If you want to study numerology online and develop your intellectual understanding by using a structured methodology, select the best and most accurate professional numerology course online. Our qualified and knowledgeable mentors allow you to get to know the field of numerology and to help you unfold hidden secrets & guide you through the certified numerologist course. They build such a friendly learning experience that learning seems to be enjoyable.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an exploration of the importance and relevance of numbers in our lives. It allows you to consider yourself more thoroughly and to identify how you interact with ties. It may illustrate your talents, shortcomings, hurdles, abilities, inner needs and emotional responses. Some numerologists are using numbers to determine the timings for the best incidents.

The symbolism of numbers is studied through numerology. It is used to define the identity, skills and abilities of an individual, challenges, interior needs, emotional reactions and approaches to others. If you use numerology to research your life, exploit untapped possibilities, validate your abilities or actually find out where to go, numerology can be an informative guide to make you and your loved ones understand themselves better. Numerology shows the entire picture, showing all the various facets and forms in which you build the person you are. You are able to take advantage of your talents with this full view.


Benefits of Taking Numerology Training

  • Become a Professional Numerologist
  • Transform Your Other’s Life
  • Earn Money & Fame
  • Open an Area of Passive Income

Get Rewarded with Numerology Certificate on completion of Course

Become A Numerologist & Earn Money

You can give counselling, generate numerology analytical reports for your customers and professionally make name search and naming corrections for customers after successful completion of the Numerology Course. For name recommendation, you should promote your YouTube channels and work with businesses.

Syllabus For Numerology Course

Numerology – 1

  • Introduction to numerology, why numerology, the role of numerology and types of numerology.
  • Significance of numbers (0-5), strength and weaknesses of these numbers.
  • Significance of numbers (6-9), strength and weaknesses of these numbers.
  • Different planes and Yoga’s, Characteristics of planes.
  • 1-40 combinations between numbers.
  • 41-81 combinations between nos.
  • Lucky/unlucky nos, neutral nos, anti and opposite nos and their impacts in life.
  • What is Loshu grid, the making of Loshu grid, driver/ conductor/ lottery/ Kua nos?
  • Calculation of personal year, month and date.
  • Remedies for missing nos.
  • Case studies – 2
  • Live Q/A

Numerology – 2

  • Knowing real, Imaginary souls urge concord numbers, Zodiac numbers and Lottery numbers.
  • Professions and diseases related to nos.
  • Matchmaking, partnership, DOB reading, calculation of personal year, month and date.
  • Compound numbers and its importance, role in name numerology.
  • Remedies for missing/repetitive numbers, crystal and gemstones remedies.
  • Knowing of angel nos, the impact of mobile, house and ATM numbers.
  • Name calculation and correction.
  • Signature analysis/ making visiting cards, email ids and lucky and unlucky colours.
  • Sutras of combinations.
  • Case studies – 2

Batch Dates & Timings

Class Time

Thursday 8:30 PM – 09:30 PM

Sunday 8:30 PM – 09:30 PM

Numerology Course Fee Structure

INR 7,000 (Discounts Available)

Success Stories

I took an online Numerology course from Anjaney Vastu. Their method of teaching is highly interesting & organized. The faculty is well versed and taught me concepts optimally that made it easy for me to remember a lot of things.

Hema Kumari

By profession, I am an astrologer. To add another feather to my skill set, I took Anjaney Vastu’s Numerology course.  It was a great experience to be a part of the course. The faculty members are very experienced & gave personal guidance to clarify the doubts.

Prem Dixit

Being a Vastu Expert, I was inclined towards the other spheres of astrology and numerology and so I decided to take a course on Numerology.


Frequently Asked Questions

Numerology has been a significant provider of naming and other solutions for anyone who would like to guide others. You require a decent training in Numerology through our online Numerology Course to make a career as a Numerologist online and to be able to decode the game of numbers for your clients.To be a highly successful Numerologist online, Anjaney Vastu‘s Online Numerology Course will provide you with the expertise, knowledge and know-how.

Any beginner interested in learning the concepts of Numerology should use some good effort and planning to learn Numerology. There are a lot of free Numerology Courses & tutorials where you can learn about the subject from the basics. Anjaney Vastu is one of the finest institute in India for offering a course on Numerology. Extensive video lessons and an online course in Numerology is created by industry experts.

Online training in Numerology offers a lot of opportunities. The list is endless, from flexible learning and the ability to take the class from anywhere in the world, to a wider educational experience. Online training in Numerology is more versatile and easier.

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