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    At Anjaney Vastu, our experts believe in assisting you with all your problems and helping you lead a happy, healthy, and prosperous life by implementing the right solutions and providing you with the most accurate future predictions based on your Astrology birth charts.

    Best Astrology Consultant in India

    Being one of the most profound and renowned astrologers in India, Mr Sunjay Sharma brings with him a wide range of experience in this field of Astrology. He has guided a multitude of people with his expert advice based on his knowledge and expertise that helped them solve the deepest of their life’s questions. He is one of the leading astrology consultants in India who has helped millions to find the right path in the most trustworthy way and always strived to provide the most genuine solutions to the needy to make this world a better place to live.

    Astrology Consultancy Services

    Astrology for Match Making

    Finding the right partner is the most crucial thing in life. You find the right one and your life will bloom. You surely do not want to end up with the wrong person in your life and make it difficult to survive for both under the same roof. With the help of genuine astrology services, you can make sure that you find the perfect match or precisely your soulmate who will brighten up your life nonetheless.

    Astrology for Marriage

    Marriages are made in heaven, but making them work for a lifetime is the most difficult task. It is really important to maintain balance in your life. You have to make sure you share respect, love, emotional attachment, and intimacy, mutually. And astrology services help you find the lost spark and emotional/physical bonding with guidance from an expert astrologer.

    Astrology Relationships

    Maintaining the best and most amicable relationships, be it with your friends, your family, or your workplace, is really important. After all, these are the people that will come running to you in case you need some help. Also, they are there for sharing your highs and lows in life and making it more easier and livable. With the best astrology services, you will find the best ways to deal with relationships and keep them positive.

    Astrology for Health

    Keeping a tab on your health is easier, but tackling illnesses, basically the chronic ones is really difficult without the right guidance. Sometimes, it requires more than simply medicines to help keep your health on track. Astrology services that give the most practical solutions make sure to help get rid of such chronic diseases and illnesses that would otherwise ruin your life.

    Astrology for Wealth

    Astrology services are a good solution to ensure your wealth is protected, or also help you to accumulate more wealth giving you more opportunities to make your life extremely smooth.

    Astrology Services for Children

    Be it from the stage you are trying to conceive a baby, to looking after their needs, their health, their education, etc. you don't make a single scratch in your child’s life. Astrology services provide the best solutions in this regard and help your child with a blessed life.

    Astrology for Career

    A career is an important aspect of life. The more successful you are in your career, the brighter and more settled your future life will be. Thus, getting the right astrological services and solutions can help you dive deeper into your career-related problems and shoo them away from your life with the right guidance from the expert.

    Astrology for Business

    A business needs to be more profitable to become successful. And to make more profits, you need more preferable sales or situations in your business. This is what astrology services will help you with and also provide you with the most accurate future predictions that would help you with deeper insights to make the right and well-informed decisions.

    Why Take Astrology Consultation Services from Anjaney Vastu?


    Kundali Analysis for both (Male and Female)
    Matching of all 36 Gunas along with the exact analysis/prediction of their Married life.
    Covers remedies and solutions for various Doshas, such as Nadi Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Gana Dosha and Bhakoot Dosha.
    A 45 Min One on One consultation session with our expert Astrologer Sunjay Sharma ji.
    Valuable and detailed insights on your marital life.
    A proper detailed report of the consultation.


    Kundali analysis for your career and profession
    A 45 Min One on One consultation session with our expert Astrologer Sunjay Sharma ji where you can find solutions to any problems related to topics such as Career growth, Career choice, Career options after 12th, Science/commerce, Choice of Field, waiting for the best job opportunity, pending Promotions, how to stop transfer in jobs, etc.
    Valuable insights on your career front.
    Proper remedies and solutions to help you make a brighter future in whatever field you wish to take up as your career, along with remarkable career guidance and consultation.
    A proper detailed report of the consultation.


    Kundali analysis of both partners.
    A 45 Min One on One consultation session with our expert Astrologer Sunjay Sharma ji where you can get all the solutions to the problems that you are facing such as when you can expect a child, Nadi Dosha remedies,the best time to expect a child, child health analysis, provision of solutions and remedies for your child health or any other illnesses.
    Valuable guidance to help you have a carefree, risk-free conception, delivery, and a great and healthy childhood for your child.
    A proper detailed report of the consultation.


    In-depth Kundali analysis for any medical problem that you are facing.
    A 45 Min One on One consultation session with our expert Astrologer Sunjay Sharma ji where you can get all the solutions to the problems that you are facing such as the source or the root cause of your disease, permanent solutions to curb it completely, etc.
    Valuable inputs and remedies for skin problems / Sexual problems / Chronic diseases / Cancer / Mental stability and health / Psychological problems / diabetes, and much more

    (Time of birth and place of birth to be kept handy at the time of video consultation or offline consultation)

    At Anjaney Vastu, we believe in providing only the most accurate readings and future predictions to help make your life more peaceful. These predictions would help you make the right choices in life. We also provide comprehensive 360 degrees and highly personalized astrology services that would sort out all the deepest problems in your life.

    Issues Resolved With Online and Offline Astrology Consultancy Services

    Match-making and Love Related

    Marriage Related


    Health Related

    Wealth Related

    Business Related

    Education Related

    On-site Opportunities and Job Promotions and Other Opportunities at Work

    Career Related

    Peace and Prosperity Related

    Success Related

    Mental Stability and Spirituality Related



    Match Making
    Rs 3100/-
    Rs 2100/-
    Rs 3100/-
    Rs 2100/-

    Note: All prices include GST

    Success Stories

    As a student, it was my dream to make a highly successful career in the field of economics. However, I was constantly facing a lot of issues, especially during my studies, such as lack of concentration, tremendous stress, constant failure, and ultimately no good marks, even though no matter how hard I tried every time. On the recommendation of a close relative, I decided to take up the astrology consultation services by Mr Sunjay Sharmaji, and that changed the course of my life for the better. He is certainly an expert astrologer who is determined to help you with any problems you are facing and provides you with the best solutions that would eventually help you achieve your goals with more confidence.
    Avinash Chaudhary
    Mr Sunjay Sharmaji is definitely one of the finest astrologers we have in our country, who helped me overcome every single hurdle in my married life. We were facing a lack of intimacy, no emotional bonding, and most importantly, no connection. He helped us with apt solutions that were very easy to follow and fathom, thus bringing a lot of happiness into our lives
    Laxmi Rao
    With an extensive experience in the field of astrology, I always consulted Mr Sunjay Sharmaji, who has been helping me with all the minutest problems I have been facing in my life. Be it the search for my soulmate, or my career choice, or even helping me lead a happy and contented life, he has been a strong support with his vast knowledge and expertise in the field of astrology.
    Shrikant Jaju
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