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Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and construction with roots in the Atharvaveda. Vaastu Shastra, as a discipline, is a collection of building concepts that include design, layout, dimension, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry, which are then applied in building construction.

Vaastu Shastra is globally applied. The reason for this is the universal need for peace and harmony, which Vaastu Shastra’s application in home construction and design is supposed to bring along with promises of good health, wealth, and happiness in life.

Vastu tips are a comprehensive list of recommendations for newly constructed homes and land. These include instructions on where to build doors, bedrooms, and other structures, as well as Vastu Shastra color. Directions are important in Vastu tips for homes.

The right kind of energy is critical to the home’s and its residents’ well-being. As a result, these suggestions will bring balance and good vibes to your family.

These Vastu tips for homes can be implemented without requiring major changes to the layout, i.e., these measures can be observed in any home!

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

At home, all kinds of energy exist, but the kitchen is one area that attracts the most energy, both good and bad. If you want to improve the positive aura of your kitchen, you should follow a few Vastu rules. According to Vastu experts, the entrance or door to your kitchen should face east, north, or west. Also, according to kitchen Vastu, it should not fall in any of the corners.

Vastu Tips for Marriage

If a person is unable to find a solution to their pending marriage problems, they should consider Vastu for marriage. While it is important to analyze and match the Kundli before getting married, Vastu Experts believe that the location and positioning of your house, as well as other factors, may be impeding your marriage prospects.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

The most sacred place in the house is the pooja room. As a the result, having the proper Vastu for the pooja room in the house is critical. The pooja room can be located in the kitchen or the living room. Make certain that the direction is northeast of the house. If you want to build the mandir in your bedroom, make sure to place it in the northeast corner. While sleeping, your feet should not point to the pooja room.

Vastu Tips for Home

According to Vastu tips for a new home, the main entrance of the house is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy and vibes. The main entrance to your house should face north, east, or northeast. It must be constructed so that when you step out, you face north, east, or northeast. Before purchasing or building a home, to ensure that the plan focuses on these specific directions.

Vastu Tips for Relationship

While sleeping, keep your head to the south. Make sure there are no single pieces of decoration in the room, such as a single duck or a single butterfly, for a happy married life. Keep them in pairs to represent love. It is highly recommended to take a family photo in the southwest direction and a couple of photo in the west direction.

Vastu Tips for Wealth

Maintain a bright, well-organized, and well-lit entrance at all times. According to Vastu, the best direction for your front door is north or east. Keep the path clear and avoid wearing shoes that can obstruct the path. It is thought to attract negative energy.

Vastu Tips for Business

In an office building, the business owner’s room should face the Southwestern direction, and he should sit in his office facing the Northern direction. Behind the business owner’s desk, there should be a solid wall, not a glass structure or window. The reception area of an office is one of the busiest areas of an office where visitors are greeted. This must be a relaxing environment with a lot of positive energy.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

According to Vastu experts, the main bedroom should be located in the southwest corner of the house. The guest bedroom or children’s bedroom should be in the northwest corner of the house. Make the most of the windows on the east and north walls. The bedroom doors should always open at a 90-degree angle.

Vastu Tips for Office

Office buildings should face north, north-east, or north-west to attract good fortune and positive energy. The main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north, according to Vastu shastra. Nothing should be placed close to or in front of the main entrance.

Vastu Tips for Health

Making sure the main door of the house opens inwards is one of the Vastu tips for health and wealth. If the door opens outwards, it may push some good energy out of the house. The main entrance door should never have any blemishes or cracks.

Vastu Tips for Toilet and Bathroom

According to Vastu Shastra, the toilet should be placed in the Northwest or West corner of the room. Another advantageous side of the room is the southern side.

Vastu Tips for Education

The study room should always face the east or west side of the house; north is a close second. While studying, the child should face east or north, and all rewards and recognitions, certificates, trophies, and motivational posters should be displayed on the north or east wall.

Vastu Tips for Main Door of a House

According to Vastu, the entrance should ideally face north, northeast, east, or west, as these directions promote prosperity. If you must place the main entrance facing south, use a Vastu pyramid or helix to correct the Vastu of the main door.

What are the rules of Vastu?

There are four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West) as well as four intercardinal directions (North-west, North-east, South-west, and South-east). Each direction represents a different aspect of life and is governed by different gods. While the north represents wealth, the south represents dharma. West and East are for prosperity and success in general.

Few Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

Shape: Your home’s rooms should ideally be square or rectangular.

Room Essentials: Rooms should be light, bright, and airy. This rule applies to the corners of each room as well.

Home Center: The center of the house should be empty.

Stairs and Furniture: Heavy furniture should be kept facing southwest. Building stairs in this direction is a good idea if you are planning to build a duplex house.

Water: Avoid keeping plants and water features in the bedroom, such as a water fountain, aquarium, or paintings depicting water.

Dining Table: Make sure your dining area is close to the kitchen and not the main door.

Mirror Positioning: It is strictly forbidden to place a mirror in the bedroom that reflects the sleeping couple. If you must have a mirror in the bedroom, make sure that it does not reflect the bed.

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