Vastu Tips for Main Door of a House

Vastu Tips for Main Door of a House

It is called the “Main” door or entrance only because it has a special importance in our entire house structure. 

It not only allows people to let in or out of the house, but also helps the flow of cosmic energies, which are also considered the vital forces of nature that help enhance our health, wealth, luck and harmony in our lives.

Importance of Vastu for Main Door

Not only does it do good to the inhabitants, but if you are planning to sell off your house, the House with proper Main entrance that is designed keeping in mind the Vastu principles fetches a good selling price as well.

This auspicious entrance of your abode, if designed by applying all the correct Vastu principles, helps in the inflow of positive energies, good luck, prosperity, which also attracts a lot of wealth and good health for the people who reside in it.

Thus it becomes extremely important to pay close attention to the Main door of your house, and you must make sure that it doesn’t fall in a negative zone, direction, etc. 

Vastu Shastra principles have been postulated by many experts and residents who have applied these principles successfully for their abodes.

Vastu Tips for Main Door or Entrance of the House

Well, here are a few Vastu tips for  Main Door of your house that would help make sure that you build your Main door or entrance keeping in mind all the necessary Vastu principles, related to its direction, color, material and so on.

Vastu Tips for Main Door

  • The most important thing to note about your Main door is the direction in which you have it. It has to be built facing either, East, West, North, or Northeast, as all these directions facilitate happiness and prosperity.
  • You need to make sure that the Main door doesn’t have any hindrance in its way and opens in a complete 90 Degree angle. This means that you are letting in all the positive energies to flow without any restrictions and circulate properly.
  • Make sure the entrance is well lit either with natural light (preferably), or artificial lights with proper Vastu consultation.
  • The main door should not make any sound while opening or closing, especially from the hinges.
  • Make sure the area and the surroundings of your main entrance are always neat and clean without any clutter.
  • Make sure that the main door is larger than the other doors of the house.
  • Avoid having your main door entrance in front of any T-junction, which is said to invite Negative energies from the cosmos.
  • It is highly advisable to have auspicious symbols on your main door, as it attract the best of the positive energies in your home.
  • Make sure. The door always opens up in a clockwise direction and not anti-clockwise.
  • Try to remove all the clutter from the main door, such as inauspiciously artwork, etc.
  • Avoid having doors with a Jail pattern.
  • Make sure you remove footwear outside the house and not inside, as it keeps all the negative energy at bay.
  • Also, it is good to have door thresholds made in wood or marble.
  • Try to place a vey pleasing and welcoming doormat.

If you really wish to know and implement many such really good Vastu tips for the Main door of your house, and other places in your house as well, you need to consult a really good Vastu Shastra expert, such as the ones available at Anjaney Vastu.

Here the experts would definitely guide you in the right direction and help you in all possible ways to attract only the positive energies to bring in good health, wealth, prosperity, happiness, peace and positivity in your life.

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