Vastu Remedies for Toilets in the North and North East Direction

Vastu for Toilets

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in the North and North East Direction: Vastu Tips and Guidelines for your bathroom and toilets designing

If you are planning to construct your house or re-build it, it is really important to get it done as per the Vastu Shastra Principles in order to attract only the positive vibes and energies in your house and bring you immense happiness, luck, good health and peace in your life.

All of us really want our lives to be healthier, and in harmony with the nature and living in peace. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of Architecture designed only to help attract only the positive energies in the universe and keep the negative ones at bay and also help human beings build the house of their dreams and be satisfied with the same.

Vastu For Bathrooms and Toilets


Vastu for bathrooms and toilets
Vastu for bathrooms and toilets

Well, similar to the other rooms in the house, your bathroom and toilets are also an important part of your everyday life.

They are the places responsible to keep a family healthy and thus happy.

Thus, it is equally important to make sure that you are getting the Vastu done right for your house taking into the consideration the location and placing of the bathrooms and toilets.

It really helps in attracting the positive energies and keeping your house in a highly positive environment for all the dwellers/ family members.

Usually Bathrooms and Toilets are the most neglected places in the entire house while designing the house as many people feel that only the living space or the kitchen is as far as the guests will get to see.

But giving equal importance to the Bathroom and Toilet design is really crucial for the inhabitants to equally attract the positive energies and help in the betterment of the entire family.

Vastu Shastra has the perfect remedies for every room in your house to remove all the doshas, be it the color of your house, the direction of the walls, or even the furniture and interiors of your house.

Direction of the Bathrooms and Toilets as per Vastu Shastra

As per the Vastu Shastra Guidelines, your Bathrooms and Toilets must never be in the North and North-east directions.

These two directions are considered to be the directions of the Gods.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you build your house as per the Vastu guidelines right from the beginning.

But unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to get the Vastu Doshas corrected at the time of construction, or is unaware.

Therefore, you do have some remedies to overcome the Vastu Doshas as well. It is like taking a medicine and rectifying the errors.

Bathrooms and Toilets in the North and North-east directions

Toilets in the North and North-east directions are said to bring financial losses in any form. Also it is said to disturb the mental peace and harmony amongst the family members.

There are many other health related problems associated with the direction of your Bathrooms and toilets.

Therefore, getting it rectified is the only solution.

Remedies for Bathrooms and Toilets in the North and North-east directions

One of the most crucial reasons to find remedies to rectify this problem is to help you live a happy and peaceful life and in harmony with all the family members. It also helps in bringing everyone together, binding them together forever.

Many Vastu Experts would suggest you tons of solutions and remedies for getting it rectified.

However, finding the right and expert Vastu Shastra consultant is extremely important here.

One really good remedy however, is to not build your bathroom near the kitchen or pooja ghar, or to be more precise sharing the wall with any of these rooms.

However, yet again, sometimes it is not in your hands to build or reconstruct a bathroom or toilet entirely.

This is where a true expert Vastu Consultant would come into the picture and help you find the proper remedies for the same.

Now, honestly speaking there is no proper remedy as such. Many would suggest you remedies like placing a red bulb inside the bathroom, or even not using it at all, or simply putting off the water valve, or even remodelling the entrance of the same, etc. and many such solutions.

But in order to find the right remedy for Toilets and Bathrooms with doshas, it is really important that you know truly the meaning behind each solution and how it will help you bring back your peace and happiness in your life.

Now, many experts offer Vastu Shastra courses online these days. You can truly learn it yourself by taking up one such online course to help with all the detailed information on Vastu Shastra and how to get your Vastu Doshas rectified easily and in the expert way yourself.

We would recommend taking up the online Vastu course by Anjaney on the website:

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