Vastu Tips for Health

Vastu Tips for Health

It is rightfully said, “Health is Wealth”. And if our health is better, only then we feel energetic, more positive, and enthusiastic to put in more effort in whatever we wish to do.

Also, it is not just our food, water, air that we breathe, but also our surroundings that play a very vital role in shaping our health.

Our surroundings consist of our homes, the place where we reside, our workplace, etc. Even a small change in the structure of your house or workplace, can improve and enhance your health to a very great extent.

And it is the Vastu shastra that helps in balancing the energies in our surroundings. Vastu Shastra helps in attracting only the positive energies from the cosmos and ward off any evil energies by working in tandem with all the five natural elements such as fire, air, space, earth, and water.

Vastu Shastra for Good Health

Many people are completely unaware of the Vastu doshas that might be causing their prolonged illnesses, other diseases, some recurring ones, And many times, these illnesses and diseases are unreasonable, unwarranted, and don’t have a specific reason to occur. 

We keep wondering how to mitigate these health issues with the help of the perfect Vastu principles and their application.

Vastu shastra is absolutely conducive for combating such chronic illnesses and diseases and helps in faster recovery, just by making a few good changes as prescribed by the expert Vastu consultant such as Anjaney Vastu.

Here are a few good Vastu tips to help you get started with Vastu for Health;

Vastu tips for Health

  • Many people like to plant trees in their house. However, it is really important to plant the right ones to attract the positive energies. For example, according to Vastu shastra, it is really good to have a tulsi plant in the house as it purifies the atmosphere.
  • In order to have a peaceful and balanced physical and mental life, it is highly advisable to have your bedroom in the south—west direction of the house.
  • Better to avoid keeping electronic items in your bedroom.
  • A thing as small as lighting a candle, Diya, or lamp in the North East direction can bring about a positive change in your life as this direction is considered extremely auspicious.
  • Make sure your rooms are well ventilated and have proper flow of air making it more airy in the rooms. 
  • Make sure that you don’t sleep under the beam.
  • Make sure there is no leakage or dripping of water in your bathrooms or any other tabs and pipes, as it is considered as the existence of negative energy, which can lead to health problems.
  • Also, your sleeping direction has a lot of impact on your health. Hence it is advised that you sleep with your head in the south direction.
  • And talking about the kitchen area, it is also considered as the abode of good health. Make sure you cook facing east and keep your kitchen and other rooms in the house clean and clutter less to avoid the entry of any negative energies.

If such and many more Vastu principles are applied in your house or workplace, that too under the correct tutelage of an expert Vastu consultant, you will definitely observe the best changes that would keep you healthy and fit for longer and ward off all the illnesses and diseases, keeping you peaceful and happy.

At Anjaney Vastu, we make sure your health and many other problems are taken care of with the correct implementation of the Vastu Principles by our expert consultants, who will guide you in the right direction to help you with the best health and a happy peaceful life.

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