Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom – Do’s & Don’t

A bedroom is the house’s most enthralling space. You can unwind, spend hours sleeping, relax your body, watch TV and enjoy personal time. 

People love to build a home according to their choice, with growing fashion and design worldwide. Many people who can’t design their houses also enjoy planning and organising their bedroom to their preference.

In the past, the houses were wide and open with porches and rooms. But people tend to build cosy, tidy and elegant homes with small spaces and lovely accommodations. 

However, regardless of whether the house is huge or small, accessible or barred, the owners will sleep in the master bedroom. Building a master bedroom under Vastu Shastra rules would add fitness, prosperity and riches to the house.

With Vastu Shastra’s growing popularity, people have begun to obey those rules for their space, rendering the room a blissful location. 

The building of the master bedroom according to Vastu Shastra has so many advantages that they are:

  • Attracts positive energy 
  • Balances the energy distribution
  • Increase the flow of money
  • Makes the relationships cordial
  • Strengthen the relationship between family members 
  • Encourages peace of mind 

Vastu Tips for Master Bedroom

Source – Alternate Healing

(i) Placement of the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has to be south-west according to the Vastu Shastra, and the head of the family has to occupy the space. If the building is a multi-story house, it should be the safest way to the south-west of the first floor.

(ii) Placement of the Bed

There’s always a bed in the room, and people usually put a king-size bed to sleep and relax the body when it comes to the master bedroom. According to Vastu, the best position for keeping the bed is to keep it south or west such that the head lies to the south or west and the legs are to the north or east.

(iii) Entrance to the Room

Ensure the room entry is in the walls east, west or north. Avoid south, and there must be a single entrance door, smooth enough to make noise while opening or closing.

(iv) Electronic Gadgets

TVs and gadgets are better avoided in the bedroom since they sometimes send energy to interrupt your sleep. But if you can’t prevent your room from getting a TV, make sure they take south-east direction.

(v) Wall Decoration

A stunning painting or a wall hanging, calm and quiet, is deemed appropriate for the room. Making sure space should not contain portraits or sculptures depicting aggression or war.

(vi) Wardrobes and Almirahs

Furniture must be appropriately arranged in the bedroom to help you feel at home. Vastu recommends for bedrooms that you pace heavy things in the south, southwest or west directions, including cupboards and almirahs. Try to put the safe to the southern wall and to open it to the north. This will be very motivating. Even in the north-west sense, you can put wardrobes. These instructions improve beneficial energy flows.

Bear in mind that mirrors should not be placed on a wardrobe or almirah window, since they can represent negative energies. However, if you have a tiny bedroom, make sure the mirror doesn’t show the bed because the person using the space could bring bad luck.

Vastu Remedies for Master Bedroom

Source – LivSpace

(i) Next, you ought to carefully plan the map of the whole house and contact a specialist astrologer. You have to ensure it is good for your friendship, families, and health before you take any remedial action.

(ii) Aroma of lavender is nice in north-east battling defects of Vastu. You can get this fragrance with an incense stick, dhoop, or room spray. This will illustrate the realistic effects.

(iii) You should even have in your bedroom a tub filled with sea salt. Salt is still known as the medium that absorbs all harmful qualities and defects. 

(iv) Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi may also be placed in your bedroom. You will fight all the odds that fall in your way. 

(v) If a balcony is connected in this direction to your apartment, a Hanuman flag or Dhwaja may be mounted.

(vi) Your bedroom should have a yellow theme, and it’s brightness. That will allow you to rid of all the negativities in your married life.

Do’s and Don’t Related to Master Bedroom


(i) The door to your bedroom should open at ninety degrees like the door to opportunities. Make sure no creaky sounds are made and it opens quickly. 

(ii) According to Vastu, light rose, grey, blue, and green colours are fitting for the bedroom. 

(iii) The very first item in your vision should be a pleasant object, such as a family portrait or flowers that increase positive vibrations.


(i) Do not bring the bed directly across the bathroom and always leave the door of the bathroom locked. 

(ii) Stop bedrooms in the house centre. 

(iii) Don’t bring a mirror opposite the bed precisely. Health conditions may be induced.

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