Vastu Tips for Business

Vastu for business tips

Everybody wants their business to flourish and really bring in a lot of success and profits. 

But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still have to face a lot of hurdles in achieving your goals. The business doesn’t grow exactly as planned, or doesn’t bring in the necessary revenue to keep it running, despite all your efforts. You think you are doing everything you can to prosper and think out of the box to make your business really successful, but all in vain!

Well, fret not. Sometimes, it is not your fault, but the Vastu doshas need to be rectified in your workplace, or business office. 

Vastu Shastra has long been in practice and always has been the first choice of many people, including architects, as it is an ancient science that helps bring harmony, peace, prosperity, and success to the inhabitants of that property.

Vastu Shastra for Business – How helpful it is?

Vastu shastra is truly helpful as it helps to balance all the five natural elements, namely, air, water, space, earth and fire as regards your Vastu to bring in business stability, cash flow, financial stability and growth, optimum success, and good fortune. 

However, it is really important to take your Vastu consultation from a renowned and highly experienced Vastu Shastra consultant only, as it would ensure that your office has everything in place, right from better sales, good work environment with all employees truly dedicated, and even a fabulous response from your client. 

With Vastu Shastra, you can either start building your entire office or workplace right from scratch following all the Vastu principles for your design, layout, etc, to build a strong foundation, or if your office is already built, you can still make a few minor changes, something as simple as changing the direction of a door, or changing the placement of your furniture. 


All this helps in the positive cosmic energies flowing in and across your workplace trying to maintain a balance of all the five natural elements.


Well, here are a few Vastu tips for your Business that would certainly help you with fruitful business aligned towards success.

Vastu Tips for your Business

When it comes to applying the correct Vastu principles, you need to look into the following areas of your workplace  that could really bring about a highly positive change in your business.

Vastu for business
Vastu for business
  • Facing of the office building: needs to be in the North direction
  • Main entrance or door direction: needs to be in the North or East direction
  • The shape of the plot: needs to be either rectangular or square only.
  • The seating arrangement of the employees; the employees need to sit facing the north or east.
  • Lighting arrangement: the office should be extremely well lit, preferably with natural light as much as possible. But even if there is not sufficient natural light, you can still try to have the right placement of the artificial light as per the vastu principles.
  • Ventilation in the office: needs to be airy and properly ventilated for good health and flow of positive energies.
  • Direction of idol the deity: needs to be in the northeast direction to bring in success, luck, fortune and prosperity.
  • Accounts department: needs to be in the North or east direction, and even the cabinets that hold the financial records and other important documents needs to be facing the southwest or the north direction.
  • Colors used in the office: need to be more bright and preferably shades of blue, gray and white to bring in more positive vibes.
  • Placement of the Furniture and cabins: the tables need to be rectangular in shape with the cabins facing the north direction for more positive work environment. 


However, these are some very basic changes that you need to make to actually hep your office support the Vastu shastra principles as regards the various directions. There are many other aspects that you also need to look into such as the direction of the canteen, the washrooms, terraces, open spaces, gardens, etc. that would ensure a highly healthy atmosphere and perfect setting for attracting success. 


But all this can be achieved after having the proper consultation from a good and highly professional and experienced Vastu Shastra specialist.


At Anjaney Vastu, you can certainly get the best consultation and guidance in order to accomplish your goals and attract a lot of success and good fortune for your business.

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