Vastu for Kitchen – Some useful Vastu Tips for Kitchen & Remedies

Vastu Shastra is a type of architecture which, according to the Hindu framework, conforms to traditional norms. It is also known as architectural research. For ages, a kitchen designed in compliance with Vastu values has been believed to promote wealth and wellbeing for the people living in the home.

The kitchen is the most integral part of the house in an Indian household where people spend most of their time and resources. Each gadget has a specific position in the kitchen as per the Vastu Shastra for kitchen, and if put in compliance with it, it is very helpful to the house’s inhabitants and ensures positive energy in the house.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen

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The kitchen is an important part of any Indian home, a location that is the source of our energy for the day. The science of Vastu should not be forgotten in order to boost the fragrance of the kitchen. The secret to remaining healthy and happy and living a happy life is good health. The Lord of Fire, known as Agni, dwells in the southeast direction, according to Vastu Shastra, making it the perfect place for your kitchen. The south-east orientation of the house will be an answer to this.

You should know kitchen Vastu for east facing house & should note to avoid the north, north-east and south-west directions for your kitchen as these instructions are not good for a kitchen setting and should lead family members to disagree. There are several other tiny but strong points to make your kitchen compatible with Vastu that you should keep in mind.

Why is Vastu for Kitchen Important?

We are still encircled by the forces surrounding us. Vastu for Kitchen seeks to balance all the forces surrounding us and the position in which we live. The kitchen is the location where the raw and uncooked food is turned into nutritious and balanced food that gives energy to all household members. You feel optimistic and satisfied with the energy that is derived from the meal.

However, if the energy coming from the kitchen is imbalanced, then the same food may generate detrimental energy in you. Your health is suffering, and the impact in the day-to-day job can be felt too. The way you store the grains or position your cooking stove will have a major effect on the energies that surround you.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

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These Vastu Tips for Kitchen can help you to design the kitchen as per Vastu energies and reap the benefits.

(i) Placement of the Gas Stove

The gas stove should be put in the kitchen’s southeast corner. In the kitchen, being the fire part, it should be in the corner where the lord of fire resides. Cook to face mostly in the eastern direction, so your gas stove should be located eastwards. It is said that if the house’s chef faces west when preparing, this may lead to significant health problems. And facing south could lead to financial difficulties. Even, since this is the location for the chimney, you must ensure that no closet or shelve can be right above the gas. For a better location, you can adopt this kitchen’s template.

(ii) Placement of Refrigerator

This is another important Vastu tip for kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra, refrigerators can be mounted in the southeast, north, south and even west directions. The south-west and north-east are the paths to stop.

(iii) Placement of Utensil Storage

A kitchen should be clutter-free according to Vastu. As per Vastu specifications, all the utensils should be held in the cupboards neatly. The cupboards in the southern and western walls are easier to mount.

(iv) Placement of Exhaust Fans and Windows

Vastu says that in the kitchen, there should be at least one or two windows. The kitchen window, big or small, should still face east. You should rely on the house’s south direction for ventilators. As for Vastu, the more your kitchen is ventilated, the safer it is. Much like the large windows in this room face outwards.

(v) Placement of Electrical Appliances

Every kitchen needs electronic gadgets like ovens, microwaves, and heaters. It would offer a lot of advantages for your kitchen to put this in the southeast direction as that of the gas stove.

(vi) Colors

When it comes to the kitchen wall you should keep this Vastu tip for kitchen in mind; bright colours are favoured more. Go for rose, yellow, green, red and chocolate brown shades that are bright.

Final Thoughts

It’s said that the universe is packed with both positive and negative forces. Vastu is an ancient science that can assist in managing the fire, water, air, and planet of all aspects of the world. How we use the good energies to our advantage is up to us. The cooking is the spot that fills our heart and stomach and keeps our mind and body safe. You will bring good energies into your home by using the Vastu concepts for our kitchen. It can be of great value to you to make these minor improvements in your kitchen setting according to Vastu values.

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