Guide about Vastu for Marriage: Important Tips to Follow


It is said that matches are created in heaven, and why not? This propitious amalgamation of two people plays a significant role in an individual’s life. Howbeit, there are many circumstances where finding a groom or bride becomes very tough. Even though defects in a Janam Kundli might aggravate marriage problems.

It is interesting as well to apprehend the fact that Vastu defects at your home can also act as a barrier in your marriage!

Vastu Shastra discloses a way of living that, in turn, is connected to different aspects of your life. Marriage prospect is one prospect for them.

One can experience a delay in marriage or might not be able to find a partner because of the science of Vastu.

The Vastu for marriage should be considered in case one cannot find a solution to their pending marriage problems.

While it is vital to analyze and match the Kundli to one get married, Vastu Experts admit that the location and positioning of your house and different other factors may also be hampering your marriage prospects.

Vastu Tips For Marriage

Several parameters have to be taken into consideration when an individual is not able to get married or when he/she encounters different problems with their marriage.

Let us have a glance at what works in such a case and know more about the multiple Vastu tips for marriage that can work in your favor:

  • The southwest corner of the house is the best location for the master bedroom, for maintaining harmony in love life.
  • The bedroom in the southeast corner always carries bad luck and disrupts the intimacy of couples.
  • The awful heat or fire energy makes tension and anxiety in the mind. Our research and analysis show the divorced couple slept in this corner.
  • The bedrooms in the northeast corner are inappropriate for any newlywed couples. The couples who sleep here sometimes are childless as per our research.
  • Though metal beds are the latest and much more in fashion, as per Vasthu Shastra, wooden beds should be utilized.
  • The bed should be situated in the bedroom’s southwest corner for better results.
  • A bed in the bedroom in northern and eastern areas would cause mental stress and financial inconstancy.
  • The bed shall not be situated in front of the bedroom door or opposite any door of the combined toilet or balcony.
  • At the time of sleeping, ensure that your head points towards the side and legs towards the north side, for a flowerful personal life.
  • In the situation of an unmarried girl, a delay in getting married can be a worrisome case for both the parents and the girl as well.
  • Here, the room’s location can be a prime factor in the delay as establishing a room for the girl in the South-Western part of the house gives loads more stability than required, making her not leave the house for a longer duration.
  • So, it is advised to build the girl’s room in the North-Western part of the house or the extreme Western part, say our professionals.
  • For unmarried boys, the complication associated with not being able to get married may occur in case the room is placed in the wrong direction. Therefore, in this case, the extreme Southern and Western parts of the house are best convenient for them. Even the South-Western side will function wonders for an individual.
  • The postponement of marriage as well takes place when the water tank is not positioned in the right place, as per what is cited in Vastu For Marriage.
  • One of the biggest errors is placing an underground water tank on the South-Western side of the house.
  • It is greatly recommended that unmarried girls should not use the South-West corner at any cost as this is one of the top reasons why they remain unmarried for a long time.
  • Additionally, a girl is advised to sleep in a bedroom located on the North-West side just when she reaches adulthood.
  • The second best alternative available for locating a bedroom is the West direction where she should place her head in each one of two in the West or the South direction as this can be quite favorable
  • Assure that light and bright colors are utilized in the bedsheets with the likes of pink, violet, yellow, white, and light blue.
  • For an unmarried man, it is suggested for the person to sleep in the North-East or the South-West bedroom, as cited in the Vastu Tips for marriage. The second best option available for an unmarried man to sleep is in the South bedroom.
  • For those individuals who have mangal dosha in their Kundli. It is greatly suggestive of the family to paint the doors of the boy’s and girls’ rooms with colors such as bright red and pink as this can reduce the negative effect of the dosha.

Vastu For Marriage: Few Things To Avoid

Considering the negative influence of the delay in marriage in a person’s life, a few criteria are compulsory to be followed to earn a positive outcome for the same.

Here are a few noteworthy points that should be taken utmost care of in the process:

  • Refrain from using a plot that slopes from the North-East towards the South-West direction, as recommended by our experts.
  • The center of the house is known as the Brahmasthan. It is very crucial to keep that space clutter-free and not built a staircase or anything heavy in that area.
  • For girls, it is best to abstain from sleeping in the North-East or South-West bedroom as this is called inauspicious.
  • Although, boys should refrain from sleeping in the South-East bedroom.
  • As well, avoid painting the walls (particularly the bedroom of the unmarried girl and boy) with dark colors. Instead, use light pastel colors such as yellow and white that assist in developing optimistic energy in the house.

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