Vastu Tips for Office – Do’s & Dont’s

Vastu Shastra is regarded as an architecture, in which science is used for purposes and logic. It is necessary to create a business, in line with the Vastu guidelines, for the health, the happiness and the wealth of all residents. 

You can balance negative and positive energy with commercial tips. Vastu provides office suggestions for choosing the right broad paths, styles, room configurations, design concepts and other floor preparations.

The development of a healthy, inspiring and happy working environment is directly proportionate to a company’s success and progress.

Vastu Shastra architecture helps create such an ambitious professional working community for administrators and staff in order to flourish an office space with performance and income.

Vastu Tips for Office

Source – Vastu International

(i) Direction of the Office Building

Offices can be built in the north, north-east or north-west, offering good fortune and favourable benefit to the business. The North is the path of Kuber, the rich king, which gives the company a financial edge. The East is ideal for an office affiliated with the service sector.

(ii) Plot for the Office

Sher Mukhi plots are the best for commercial constructions because its form means a lion known to be a sign of strength, performance and control. These tracks are wide on the north side and narrow on the rear.

(iii) Entrance of the Office

The office’s main entrance should be facing the north or east with no barriers. The door must never be at the side of a wall, so it will hinder the positive energy from entering.

(iv) Reception Area

The reception of any office represents the strength and nature of the organisation, according to Vastu Shastra. It must then give guests, consumers or even workers good vibes. The receptionist must be faced north or east. In the eastern or northeast direction, the reception areas in the offices should be built. The profile of the business shall be displayed on the south wall and the reception desk shall be placed diagonally at the main doorway. 

(v) Workstations

Stuff like papers, records, and computing devices such as laptops can stay on the left side of the table for north-facing workstations. The workstations to the East should be on the right-hand side with the abovementioned objects. Square or rectangular desks are suitable for workstations as defined in Vastu Shastra with four corners.

(vi) Colors for Office Walls

Painting light colours on office walls invokes positivity and vitality in the workplace. The colour white, grey and blue is perfect for painting the office walls. White or cream is ideal for walls in the south, east, south-east and north-west. blue shades are the best colours. Green paint is beneficial for office works on Southwest walls.

(vii) Office Décor and Interiors

The North Direction is regulated by the god of riches according to the Vastu rules, while the North-East Advice suggests a person’s financial wellbeing. To maintain good financial fitness, you should carry a mirror or Kuber Yantra in the direction north or the northern wall of the bureau. 

Make sure that no finished products are placed in the North-East direction specifically in front of the office desk. These products should be transferred north-west to ensure the smooth clearing of the inventory. To hold financial records, place your safe in the south-western corner of the office. To ensure prosperity, the safe should face the northeast.

(viii) Conference/Meeting Rooms

The best way for a conference or meeting place, according to Vastu, is the north-west. This guide is also recommended for marketing and sales employees as they are driven to boost their results. A waiting room can also be planned in the city.

Vastu Remedies for Office

Source – Packers & Movers

(i) You should position two Swastika-formed copper Pyramids in front of the hurdle to carry this Vastu-dosh away from the office. 

(ii) A basil plant can also be placed between the column and the doorway. A copper wire around the column or tree must also be connected.

(iii) In order to prevent the negative from your office, one of the Vastu shastra remedies is put on the Sun’s painting in the east of the office.

(iv) For small office colours, light, pastel & neutral can be used, and you can choose a few bold colours if you have a big office room. When choosing the colours it can have negative effects, no mistake can be made.

Do’s and Don’t Related to Office


(i) It is really auspicious to face north or east when operating and you feel new. 

(ii) Keep the left side of the table heavier when facing north. 

(iii) Keep the right side of the table heavy with files, directories and other technological devices like computers etc. when looking east.


(i) Do not keep deities or images of gods on your desk. It’s not being respectful. 

(ii) Do not eat food on your table.

(iii) Do not read magazines on the work table or do not engage in time-passing activities.

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