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    About Anjaney Vastu

    Anjaney Vastu provides premier Vastu Shastra courses in the Delhi NCR region, merging ancient wisdom with modern teaching techniques. As the vastu consultant online,our mission is to elevate Vastu education, equipping learners with the skills to excel and manifest their aspirations. Our committed faculty delivers top-tier online and offline Vastu Shastra training in a safe and effective educational setting. Enroll in our Delhi course for unparalleled guidance from the famous vastu consultant in Delhi NCR

    About Mr Anuraag Bhardwaj

    Meet Mr. Anuraag Bhardwaj, the best vastu expert in Delhi NCR. With expertise as a seasoned Vastu advisor, architect, and interior designer, he brings a rich tapestry of experience to his craft. As the best vastu consultant in Delhi NCR, Mr. Bhardwaj is dedicated to advancing ancient Indian culture and heritage globally, fostering positive change in society. Renowned for his unparalleled Vastu training, he as the best vastu expert in Delhi NCR offers premier Vastu Classes and Vastu Shastra courses in Delhi, setting the standard for excellence in the field.

    Our Consultation Process in Delhi NCR

    Understanding Requirements
    Initially, the famous vastu consultant in Delhi NCR meticulously delve into your needs and requirements to craft an initial proposal that aligns perfectly with your vision.
    Procuring Floor Plan/Other Details
    We as the top 5 vastu experts in Delhi NCR leave no stone unturned in gathering comprehensive details about your property, including floor plans, surroundings, and historical context, ensuring a thorough understanding of the premises.
    Site Analysis
    With precise compass readings and detailed site evaluations, typically spanning 1-2 hours, we as the online vastu consultant assess every aspect of your property to offer tailored solutions.
    Vastu Analysis and Evaluation of Property
    Led by the best vastu expert in Delhi NCR, Mr. Anuraag Bhardwaj, we conduct a rigorous analysis using tools such as bar charts and dowsing charts, adhering to Vastu principles to prepare a comprehensive consultation report.
    Preparing the Report
    Following meticulous observation and analysis, we as the online vastu consultant prepare a detailed Vastu report, offering insightful remedies to address any underlying issues seamlessly.
    Follow up for Vastu Consultation
    As the best Vastu consultant online, our commitment doesn't end with the report. We ensure a follow-up consultation session to assist you in implementing Vastu principles effectively for your property's perfect harmony.

    Our Services

    Residential Vastu Consultation

    Create harmony and positive energy in your home with the best vastu expert in Delhi NCR’s advice tailored to your residential property.

    Commercial Vastu Consultation

    Unlock the potential for success in your commercial ventures, whether it's an office, mall, or institution, with our specialized guidance.

    Industrial Vastu Consultation

    Optimize your industrial premises for maximum productivity and prosperity with strategic changes guided by our Vastu experts.

    Quick Vastu Evaluation

    Make informed decisions about your property investments or improvements swiftly with our efficient consultation services.

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