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    About Anjaney Vastu

    Anjaney Vastu extends its renowned Vastu Shastra courses to the vibrant city of Mumbai, harmonizing traditional insights with contemporary pedagogy. Our objective as the best vastu consultant in Mumbai is to enhance Vastu education, empowering students to distinguish themselves and realize their goals. With our dedicated instructors, we as the best vastu consultant in Mumbai offer premium online and offline Vastu Shastra training in a secure and conducive learning environment. Join our Mumbai course for exceptional instruction.

    About Mr Anuraag Bhardwaj

    Connect with Mr. Anuraag Bhardwaj, the best vastu expert in Mumbai. With a blend of experience as a seasoned Vastu advisor, architect, and interior designer, he embodies a wealth of knowledge in his profession. As the best vastu expert in Mumbai, Mr. Bhardwaj endeavors to propagate timeless Indian culture and heritage worldwide, leaving a profound impact on humanity. Celebrated for his exceptional Vastu training, he as the famous vastu consultant in Mumbai provides top-tier Vastu Classes and Vastu Shastra courses in Mumbai, epitomizing excellence in the industry./

    Our Consultation Process in Mumbai

    Understanding Requirements
    We as the famous vastu consultant in Mumbai kick off by deeply understanding your unique needs and requirements, laying the foundation for a tailored proposal that meets your aspirations.
    Procuring Floor Plan/Other Details
    Thoroughness is our hallmark. We as the top 5 vastu experts in Mumbai meticulously gather all details pertaining to your property, including floor plans and historical context, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the premises.
    Site Analysis
    With meticulous attention to detail and precise compass readings, our vastu consultant online conducts site analysis sessions, typically lasting 1-2 hours, provide valuable insights crucial for informed decision-making.
    Vastu Analysis and Evaluation of Property
    Under the guidance of the best vastu expert in Mumbai, Mr. Anuraag Bhardwaj, we conduct a thorough analysis using specialized tools such as bar charts and dowsing charts, adhering to Vastu principles to prepare a detailed consultation report.
    Preparing the Report
    Our commitment to excellence drives us to prepare a meticulously detailed Vastu report, offering practical remedies tailored to your property's specific needs.
    Follow up for Vastu Consultation
    We as the top 5 vastu experts in Mumbai go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Our follow-up consultation sessions are designed to assist you in seamlessly implementing Vastu principles for your property's optimal harmony.

    Our Services

    Residential Vastu Consultation

    Transform your living spaces into havens of positivity and balance with personalized guidance for your residential property.

    Commercial Vastu Consultation

    Drive success and abundance in your commercial endeavors, whether it's an office, school, or multiplex, with our comprehensive Vastu solutions.

    Industrial Vastu Consultation

    Enhance the efficiency and prosperity of your industrial facilities with targeted adjustments recommended by the online vastu consultant.

    Quick Vastu Evaluation

    Gain clarity and confidence in your property decisions with our quick and accurate evaluation services, designed to help you thrive in Mumbai's dynamic environment.

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    Unlock the potential of Vedic wisdom with Anjaney Vastu, your trusted source for Online Vastu Services & Online Astrology Services in India. Our commitment is to bring health, wealth, harmony, joy, and success into your life. Grounded in the ancient principles of Vedic astrology, we are dedicated to empowering individuals in Mumbai and beyond to live fulfilling lives.

    Choose Anjaney Vastu for expert guidance and positive transformations on your path to success.

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