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Sleeping Directions


To create our space both a productive and an optimistic one, Vastu Shastra offers us some ideologies. In the midst of them is the sleeping direction as per Vastu. Chiefly, every Indian family has taught their children to sleep in a particular way or in a particular direction. This might be in virtue of their parents introducing them to Vastu guidelines when they were children.

The best sleeping direction or position provides consistency, progress, and bliss in our lives. It is pretty impactful on our mental health growth. However it is not at all verified that all the rules of Vastu work for every person in case you look at some instances, they include the earth’s magnetic pull and coordination to enable a balanced lifestyle. And this is possible in case you start practicing in the south while sleeping.

Sleeping Direction and Their Significant Influence

Sleeping is an act of providing time for our bodies to regenerate energy and revive. In this aspect, we do attract cosmic energies even while at rest. That is why we will flash light on each of the best sleeping directions as per Vastu, captivating more strength and success into your life.

Direction to Sleep As per Vastu-North Direction

North Direction for sleeping as per Vastu

The Vastu system defines that when you sleep in the north direction, health-related problems will become a part of your regular life. Individuals with heart and blood pressure are recommended to be cautious to avoid this sleeping direction. The scientific cause behind this is that it increases blood flow with iron enrichment, which as well creates pressure on the brain.

Direction to Sleep as per Vastu-East Direction

East Direction for sleeping as per Vastu

Sunrise happens in the east and is told to be a storehouse of all energies. Typically, this creates a suitable direction to sleep in following Vastu. Moreover maintaining peace of mind as well contributes to sound sleep. Children will build better memory and concentration to assist them with their studies.

Direction to Sleep as per Vastu- West Direction

West Direction for sleeping as per Vastu

Being far as the west is concerned, it does not provide any good qualities such as the east, but neither does it affect the north. However, for people like businessmen, it is suggested to follow the west sleeping direction as per Vastu as it brings profit their way.

Direction to Sleep as per Vastu-South Direction

South Direction as per Vastu

The south sleeping direction as per Vastu is advised to be the best sleeping direction among all. This is in virtue of it is the Yama deity’s house that encourages happiness, success, and wealth. Your sleep quality is maintained by magnetic energy that eliminates any negative energy from your surroundings. For people of North India, this best sleeping direction as per Vastu leaves a nice impact on your life with immense perks for the mind and soul too.

Why is the South Direction of Sleep as per Vastu Essential?

The best sleeping direction as per Vastu is considered to be the south direction. Backed by many spiritual researchers, pointing the legs at the time of sleeping towards the south and heading towards the north boost positivity in one’s life

Besides humans, animals such as cattle and deer naturally tend to join their bodies in the north-south direction at the time of eating or sleeping. Other than this, a preliminary analysis of sleeping posture defines that when people practice sleeping in a southward-facing direction, their blood pressure stays at an appropriate level and the quality of sleep as well improves. This logic is supported by the scientific reasoning of the Earth’s electromagnetic field that operates for the best sleeping direction as per Vastu.

Vastu Sastra has a great and spiritual architectural existence in India. Nowadays too, developers consider these guidelines at the time of establishing a new building, office area, home, studio, etc. The key concept is derived from Hindu mythology that even the human body has stated the north and south poles.

Crucial Cautions related to Best Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

Ignore the joining of the bed at the sharp edges of the room.

Ignore sleeping in areas where a beam of light reflects into the room.

Keep in mind to avoid keeping electronic gadgets near the sleeping area or on the bed at the time of sleeping.

Ignore putting your legs approaching the entrance of the room while sleeping, as it can be the reason for your nightmares.

Select a dark-shade curtain for the bedroom to keep it dark inside, which aids in sound sleep.

Final Thoughts

We have analyzed all the sleeping directions as per Vastu to find out what’s best for us. Some of us are instructors or businesspeople, and others are looking for tremendous growth opportunities. In this route of life, we all have an ambition to meet, which is established by the energies we receive and live on a regular basis. Sleeping direction as per Vastu is a regular habit whose significance should not be overlooked. We can remove any negativity that destroys our determination and hard work in case we go to bed in the best sleeping direction as per Vastu.

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