How to Become a Vastu Consultant & Earn Money?

How to earn money as a vastu consultant

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Architecture Science that directs the design and development of buildings or other infrastructures under the divine and basic laws of the universe. The root of Vastu Shastra can be traced to more than 5000 years. This old-age Hindu approach provides extensive details about what to bear in mind when choosing a piece of land and designing houses.

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The Sanskrit word ‘Vastu’ means the base of a house or a site, and ‘Shastra’ means teaching or learning. And they mean ‘construction science’ together. Vastu Shastra aims at using higher energy levels within yourself and can aid in a variety of realms of life, such as increased financial strength, increased employment growth, better marital happiness, performance in education, good health, independence from stresses and anxieties.

Vastu Shastra as a Career

The growing demand for new houses, new jobs, and new shops has led to a rise in the number of people choosing Vastu as a profession. As such, Vaastu Shastra is an analysis of the energy present in various types of structures, including houses, schools, shops and factories. Vaastu specialist or Vaastu consultant is one who has deep knowledge, skills and experience on Vaastu Shastra and has the ability to guide people in the direction, location and positioning of the different components of the structure.

In view of Vaastu Shastra’s growing popularity and understanding, numerous institutes have begun to teach Vastu course online in this field at different degree and diploma levels. Apart from academic credentials, experience and a comprehensive review of books may also make a good Vaastu consultant.

Many builders prefer to Vaastu consultants for the construction of their designs, of whether they are housing firms, hotels or some other residential or commercial building. Buildings constructed on the recommendation of a Vaastu expert are believed to bring more productivity. In addition, a number of TV channels employ Vaastu consultants to broadcast their Vaastu Shastra-related programs. Vaastu consultants can share their expertise with others by teaching.

How to Learn Vastu & Become a Consultant

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Apply to a Vastu course online that provides experimental analysis and recorded case studies & that teaches you how to learn Vastu & become a consultant. This way, you will be able to obtain the best training with a vastu consultant course and tactics to provide people with effective and reliable advice to how to become a Vastu consultant.

Fast growth and massive investment in infrastructure have made vastu as a profession quite favoured for the young generation. As a result, Vaastu consultants have become mandatory for people who build their homes and offices with the promise of enjoying a healthy and productive life.

Benefits of Vastu as a Skillset

Vaastu Shastra has a high earning capacity. However, the salary of Vaastu consultants depends on credibility, expertise and ability. To start with, you can earn money as a Vastu consultant which is somewhere between Rs 35.000 and Rs 50.000 per month. With more than 1 to 2 years of experience in hand, a specialist will take Rs 70,000 to Rs 150,000 per month.

Role of Vastu Consultants

Vastu consultants provide unique Vastu rules when the house/building is still under construction. The Vastu consultants recommend certain unique positioning and directional guidelines that prove to be helpful in forming positive energy at any corner of the house/building. Here are some of the roles of Vastu consultants:

  1. The Vastu consultants provide you with the services that offer you the ability to engage in a personal conversation with the Vastu experts.
  2. During the appointment, the Vastu consultants recommend a straightforward and simple design that will allow you to balance the energy and vibrations of your home or office.
  3. They recommend the right positioning of the various departments according to Vastu Shastra. They also encourage the use of shapes, colours and objects to enhance the energy of your premises by helping you create more development, success, harmony and peace.
  4. Their work combines careful analysis with adaptive solutions. These remedies or modifications, as they are often referred to, maybe both fairly complicated and incredibly clear. Vastu change will balance and re-distribute your workplace resources and help you accomplish your goals and objectives.
  5. In the possibility of a site visit, the Vastu consultant will review the site and provide a detailed information report.

Benefits of Being a Vastu Consultant

To help you get a clearer picture to how to become a Vastu consultant, here are the top benefits of Vastu as a skillset:

  1. Increase Your Market Value
  2. Receive High-end Salary Packages
  3. Enjoy Greater Flexibility
  4. Enhance Your Skills and Creativity
  5. Vastu Shastra Certifications Have Become the Industry Standard
  6. Great Work-Life Balance

How to Earn Money as a Vastu Consultant?

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Now that you have understood the concepts of Vastu Shastra, know the ways to learn Vastu and how to become a certified Vastu consultant and the benefit of being a Vastu Consultant, the next step you need to learn is how to earn money as a Vastu Consultant and monetize your skills.

With this in mind, here are some ways that may guide you in your journey on how to become a certified Vastu consultant to make a living out of what you love doing the most.

  1. Offer Personal Vastu Consultation Services

The very first way to earn money as a Vastu Consultant is by providing personal Vastu consultation services. If you want to take the online route for this, you can create your own website and start taking sessions through that but if you also want to take the traditional route, you will have to buy or rent a physical office where your clients can come for consultations.

  1. Become a Vastu Coach/Trainer

As you know the rising popularity of Vastu Shastra is increasing day by day and more people are looking to make a career in Vastu shastra. As a matter of fact, you can help these people out by imparting knowledge and becoming a certified Vastu trainer. Once you are able to obtain the loyalty of some students & establish your credibility as a proficient Vastu Consultant with a Vastu consultant course, you can easily start making more money by providing a Vastu course online.

Final Thoughts

The fundamental concept in Vastu is to help people, in their tough times, create optimism and turn their energies and manifest their minds toward progress in seeking solutions. When there is accuracy in the career in Vastu shastra line, it gives returns in the form of consulting fees, and one can continue to make progress on a career in Vastu shastra path as this is so vast a knowledge that there is life-long learning.

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