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Anything around us has its energy, and the strength of energy can vary depending on the type. Not only in India but worldwide, Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, has been practised for years. It gives us some best building and decor standards that can improve energy at home, workplace, etc. Today we are reviewing some of the best furniture placing for various locations, which ensures that your house complies with Vastu. 

Vastu’s values come with a number of guidelines to make our lives comfortable and peaceful in our homes. It states that there should be more decorations and decor than negative areas in positive areas. This will allow you to achieve your home’s peace and order.

Furniture is our home’s vital enhancement and keeps our lives cosy and vibrant. However, it is necessary to properly orient the furniture to ensure a smooth and environmentally friendly energy flow. Here we have valuable Vastu tips for arranging your furniture.

Vastu Tips for Furniture 

Source – Wooden Street

Furniture is undoubtedly a vital aspect of a house. It helps not only to relax and to manage things but also to change the whole life in the house of the people. It is also impossible to choose the correct location for the furniture as per Vastu. Vastu Shastra has a comprehensive guide to furnishings in the living room and bedroom. It advises making furnishings to create harmony, satisfaction and wellbeing following simple vast tips.

Vastu Furniture Tips for Living Room

The living room is one of the places in our home where we mostly live as a family. It is also the first room you see as you reach the house, and it is incredibly critical to ensure a high degree of energy. These tips would certainly help you to build a comfortable living room for Vastu:


  • Sofa sets should be east or south since the highest sunshine received by us in our home should be from the east.
  • The route to the southeast is the safest way to place your TV/cabinet. That increases relaxation in your living room and you receive direct sunlight in the morning, which keeps your energy up all day long.

Vastu Furniture Tips for Bedroom

To achieve that homely feeling, the right positioning of furniture must be ensured in the bedroom. The Vastu for the bedroom should be in the south, southwest or west direction, for heavy items, such as almirahs and cupboards. The safe should be positioned in the direction of the south wall and open in the direction to the north. Here are a few more ideas for your bedroom Vastu furniture:

  • When setting up a bedroom, choose wooden furniture. Avoid metal furniture, as negative noises can be created.
  • South and West of the best bed spot as per the Vastu, so put your bed in either direction against the wall (south more preferred). Your feet should point north or east when sleeping as both are regarded as the best way to sleep in Vastu.
  • Each bedroom has a dressing table but it is often misplaced. The table must be placed in a way that prevents the mirror from facing your bed. Choose south, south-west or west when setting up the almirah/head robe.

Vastu Furniture Tips for Kitchen

Source – The Urban Company

A structured and spacious kitchen is ideal for enhancing the energy and positive vibes of your house. The last thing you want to have is a disorganized and chaotic kitchen that would not only affect the energy levels but also obstruct constructive energy inputs. The furniture for your modular kitchens is the ideal choice and some Vastu tips for the kitchen are given here:

  • Modular armchairs and shelves are ideal for organizing your kitchen. Be sure that the entrance is not blocked when setting up cabinets and storage units.
  • The storage units should be located at or near the walls of the south and west. Avoid placing to the north and east.
  • Your furniture should be in your window to allow for the greatest amount of sunshine inside the room.

Vastu Furniture Tips for Dining Room

This is where the whole family meets after a tiring day to have a relaxing meal. The furniture should be designed to create a comfortable atmosphere. See some of the important Vastu tips for the dining room:

  • Do not put the table directly into the room’s centre. Be sure you don’t put the table under the light.
  • More favourites are rectangular and square restaurant seats. Furthermore, position the table so that you have your food to the east or north.
  • Do not place TV units in front of your dining table, since it distracts you from food and you won’t absorb the energy of your food fully.


Couches, beds, desks, tables, closets. Each piece of furniture in a house has its importance. But if these are not organized by the ideals of vast shastra, they will not make your life peaceful and peaceful but will add to your trial and tribulation. 

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