How is Vastu dosh corrected in the house?

In today’s world, it is common for people to race and wins. Promoting positive energy and a supportive home/workplace are key ingredients for a happy and productive life. And here, Vastu plays a vital role. Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that a good environment and good vibration make a significant contribution to the success of individuals and although many people curse their stars for their dissatisfaction and unhappiness; other forces working for an unsuccessful life create stress and poor health. These powers are caused when you violate Vastu principles.

So have you moved to a new home? Or do you just stay in bed longer and start having problems? If you are planning to consult a specialist house shastra, you should be aware that some of the remedies they offer may involve major structural changes. However, there are certain elements of the Vastu shastra that you can place in various locations at home to fix the Vastu dosh.

Some of Vastu remedies you can use to correct Vastu dosh from your house:

               SEA SALT


Sea salt is highly effective according to the Vastu shastra housing. Applying small pieces of unsalted sea salt is a quick solution to Vastu dosh. It absorbs all the negative energy that comes from the home. Alternatively, you can also add a pinch of sea salt to the water you use to clean the floor. Make sure you change the salt in the dishes every day.



Mirrors have played a vital role in Vastu shastra since the beginning of time. Putting mirrors in the right place is Vastu’s best solution for improving the overall atmosphere in the house. The two main ways to place mirrors are: never place them opposite the main door and make sure the mirror in the bedroom does not reflect the bed.



 Among Vastu’s remedies, well-known are camphor crystals. You can rely entirely on camphor crystals to get rid of Vastu dosh at home. If you feel like your work is getting stuck or things are not going according to plan, keep two camphor balls or crystals at home and replace them when they shrink. You will notice a change in your condition gradually.



The Pyramid yantra is gaining popularity among the latest families as a Vastu solution. This is a small version of the pyramid and is made of stone, metal, glass, or cardboard. Vastu Shastra for housing experts is the best person to guide you in the use of these pyramids. To protect your home from harmful influences, you should place a pyramid on the doorstep of your house.



One can find wind chimes in most homes these days and should not make the mistake of being just a decorative item. While most people focus on the look and feel of the wind chime, others are aware of what energy they want to attract home. If you suffer from Vastu dosh, you may want to use wind chimes with 6 or 8 empty rods as they enhance good strength. There is a lot of information available about the number of rods and building materials for a wind chime.

             CRYSTAL BALL


You can use Vastu crystal balls instead of pyramids where they look weird. These crystal balls are made of clear quartz and look very attractive when placed at home or in the office. This helps to increase power, thought, or purpose. Since these crystals absorb all kinds of energy, it is necessary to keep them neat and clean at all times. There are different colored crystals like red that bring good luck, relationship pink, orange for money, and so on.



The horseshoe is very lucky according to the Vastu shastra of the house and attracts luck and wealth. If you hang it with the ends pointing up, it will attract and contain all the good power that passes. A large door is a good place for this. One should avoid hanging upturned in case it will not bring good luck to your home.



Colors have always been a force for good in the home and Vastu shastra says that other colors play a major role in inviting good energy into the home. While colors like pink, blue and blue are ideal for a living and master bedroom, yellow and orange are good choices for children’s rooms. If you suffer from Vastu dosh, it may be a good idea to simply change the color of the paint on the wall.

             FAMILY PHOTOS


A house becomes a home because of the family you live in. According to Vastu shastra, hanging pictures of your family in the living room can enhance strong relationships. So do not forget to hang fashion frames with your favorite family photos in your living room.



The dark corners do not say no according to Vastu principles. While all parts of your home should be well lit, you need to pay special attention to your main door as you allow good energy to enter your home. So make sure your entrance is well lit, and let the holy vibes flow into your lives.

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