How To Start A Career In Numerology?

So you want to start a career in Numerology. Many people today get their numbers for their name and birth date done by a professional numerologist to help them navigate their lives; while this is not a schooled profession, it does necessitate expertise. The numerologist must educate themselves in each of these numbers and how to accurately give a reading for what these numbers mean, as well as the math that is used to calculate these numbers from a person’s name and birth date, as each of these provides information about the person’s character and life, as well as what may be going on in their life. Before diving into much deeper concepts of how to start a career in Numerology, let us first understand what is Numerology.

What is Numerology?

What is Numerology
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Many people still believe that the phrase or term “numerology” conjures up images of perplexing math, formulae, and diverse concepts, but in reality, numerology is just the art of foretelling with numbers.

Now you’re wondering how numbers can inform you about the future! Yes, it is possible. Numbers have the ability to prophesy your destiny by providing deep meaning and relevant data. If you’re familiar with Astrology, you’re probably aware that it’s a method of predicting the future based on a person’s date, time, and day of birth. Astrologers use horoscopes to predict a person’s future and provide life-related information. Numerology works in a similar way.

Top 4 Tips to Become a Numerologist

(i) Take a numerology course

This is the very first step that you should take while embarking on your journey towards becoming a Numerologist. Anjaney Vastu offers an exclusive online Numerology course that has been designed by keeping the beginners to advanced level in mind so that the participants can climb each step one by one without any difficulty. This thought-provoking course will teach you numerology step-by-step so that by the conclusion of it, you’ll know how numbers connect to you, what they imply, and how you may apply this knowledge to your life. This covers information on the meaning of your birthday number, how to calculate your destiny, personality, soul, and personal growth numbers, and how to assist others in doing so.

(ii) Choose a numerology method and investigate it fully.

Numerology may be found in many cultures, each with its unique system and approach to employing numbers. To achieve a specific level of proficiency through repetition, study and practice one method before going on to another. The Pythagorean method of numerology is commonly used in Western numerology, although there are also those who use Chaldean and Kabbalistic approaches. The Vedas, a collection of ancient Sanskrit literature from the East, have their own numeral system. The Chinese have a numerology system that is linked to Feng Shui and what they consider to be auspicious numbers.

(iii) Practice numerology

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A student’s learning of numerology is aided through practice. Apply what you’ve learned in class to friends and relatives, or pick people from the public square to learn more about their own numbers. Purchase a table at a psychic fair and begin generating numerology charts for the general public, or set up a website and provide free or low-cost services.

(iv) Sell your services

Numerologists can charge clients by the hour or for the sort of chart they provide. Charts can be made for a range of events and occasions, such as a potential business endeavor, a wedding, or the birth of a child. The market controls how much numerologists can charge. Before deciding on your charges, look at what others are charging at local metaphysical stores and internet stores that sell charts and numerology services.

Responsibilities of a Numerologist

  • To comprehend the fundamental meaning of each of the nine ‘common’ numbers.
  • To comprehend the mathematical principles underlying the isopsephy (letter-to-number) conversion.
  • Ability to collect information from the client in a non-intrusive, relaxing, and persuasive manner.
  • Ability to explain findings to clients in a logical and “story-driven” manner that the individual receiving the reading can understand.
  • If you’re conducting a seminar, you should be comfortable speaking in front of a large group.
  • If you’re teaching others about numerology, you should feel comfortable with it and be able to explain it thoroughly.

Skills of a Numerologist

  • Mathematical aptitude that is reasonable. A basic understanding of mathematics is crucial to convey confidence.
  • Because so much of the work involves interpretation and analysis, people skills are essential.
  • The importance of excellent communication skills cannot be overstated. Even though the numerologist will not be giving seminars, they should be at ease discussing their findings in-depth in a face-to-face setting.
  • The ability to quickly translate formulaic results into meaningful speech is aided by a smart analytical mind.

Numerologist Salary

Numerologists are often self-employed and set their own wages. You can charge clients by the hour or charge a fee based on the sort of chart you will create. As a result, the amount of money a numerologist can make varies greatly.

On a daily basis, some numerologists collect small sums of money from a number of clients. Other numerologists are reliant on a small number of rich clients.

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