Is there any degree for Vastu Shastra?

Meaning of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient phrase that literally translates to “the science of architecture”. It consolidates the constituents of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, arrangement, and dimensional geometry, which are then enforced in the construction of buildings to promote the peace, well-being, and wealth of the inhabitants.

It integrates science, art, astronomy, and astrology, offering ideas and concepts for creating a living space harmonious with nature while integrating geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional adjustment.

New-age careers are coming up in a huge way in today’s world and more and younger aspirants are shifting away from the clichéd career paths. With each passing day the world is seeing a sturdy emergence of alternate career opportunities and job hunters are approving the new avenues with zealous participation.

With the ever-growing interest of today’s generation in energy, many are seeing it as a worthwhile career option. Vastu Shastra is related to a defined set of principles to be followed while building a house, so it is closely related to the study of Architecture. In fact, Vastu Shastra is as well known as the science of ancient architecture.

Today, someone who is planning to purchase a site, flat, house, office or restaurant, or any other commercial area, mainly looks for a Vastu expert to approve the layout of the specific site or building and further goes ahead with the formalities of buying it. There is actually a dearth of experienced Vastu Professionals and with growing awareness in people related to the bliss a Vastu complaint house offers, the time is not far when every single person would look for a good Vastu expert to assist him with the best of the residential or commercial complex. Therefore you can imagine the scope of Vastu Shastra as a career, in the coming future.

The Appropriate time for a student who wants a career in the field to start learning or building skills

There is no such timeline for anyone to get into this field. Anyone who has an interest in Vastu can begin reading and learning related to it. But for a formal career in this study, one has to be at least a graduate from an esteemed university, to take up Vastu Shastra courses and begin researching the subject. Post-graduation degree will give an additional advantage to the student to continue his research work and apply for the Ph.D.

Is there any degree for Vastu Shastra?

Yes, Anjaney Vastu’s online Vastu Shashtra Master Course aims to introduce traditional Vastu Shastra knowledge as well as modern ways of learning and application. The inspirational lectures & online sessions provide a wealth of information and insights about Vastu Shastra, the course material is revised & the hands-on assignments assist the students to build an understanding of how Vastu Shastra consultants work professionally.

Skills that are required to build a successful career in Vastu Shastra

all-encompassing understanding of the subject
Good listening skills to understand customers’ issues
Communication skills to share recommendations/suggestions
True and sincere consultation/Suggestion
endurance to say No and accept cases where project handling is not possible

The Current demand for Vastu consulting in India

Vastu has always been in huge demand, all our spiritual temples, forts, and other buildings were built on the basis of Vastu Shastra principles. Because of the increased influence of westernization in the past few decades, Vastu lost its sheen but just came back with an increased luster and charm. Not just nationally but internationally, Vastu has an increased following because of its benefits. People have started realizing the significance of Vastu principles and everyone desires to be on the receiving end. In the earlier five years, Vastu consultants have increased multiple and as well have offices in India and globally too, to cater to the huge demand for Vastu consultation.

Best areas to work as a Vastu specialist?

There are severe opportunities for a person who has knowledge and know-how of Vastu Shastra:

One can go for self-practice or operate as an entrepreneur
Can operate with Interior Designers & Architects
Can collaborate with constructors and city planners
One may as well join various institutes offering Vastu training, as a mentor and educator

Students from which educational background are most suited to create a career in the Vastu?

As long as a student has an inclination along with the field of Vastu, graduation/post-graduation in any field is best to pursue a career in Vastu. However, students from the field of architecture will have an additional advantage as they would have a deeper understanding of the principles of building a structure and will be able to understand Vastu simply & promptly. Students of architecture may have to spend less time learning the do & don’t of Vastu. Likely, students in the field of interior design as well have a better edge over other students.

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