Toilet Vastu Remedies in 16 Directions / Zones

Vastu Shastra has separate recommendations for every room in the house, including the children’s bedroom, home office, meditation room, and kitchen. Not only does Vastu determine the orientation of rooms, but it also determines the best locations for furniture positioning at home. There are also Vastu tips and instructions for the course and the location of the bathroom and toilet.

Toilets and bathrooms also become a source of negative energy in a household when they are not treated as well as one’s bedroom or living room. However, putting in the work to restore a bathroom according to Vastu for bathroom standards will reap benefits for you, and it could even become your new shelter.

According to Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet, toilets and bathrooms in a home should be different and not connected, but with over 7 billion people on the planet and 70% of the earth’s surface being water, space for living is small, and therefore attached toilets or attached bathrooms – as some people term them – have made their way into our homes.

This is not to say that if your home has connected bathrooms or toilets, you cannot do Vastu with them. You can quickly do Vastu for bathroom and toilet as well, and that is what you can learn here.

Here are top Toilet Vastu Remedies in 16 Directions / Zones

Vastu for Toilet
Source – Vasstu Shashtras

1 North-East (NE)

According to vastu for bathroom and toilet, a toilet in the northeast is a significant mistake that can exacerbate acute and consistent health issues. It causes discord and squabbles among family members and even couples. 

Placing a North-East Direction Yantra in the house’s North-East zone will help to correct any Vastu flaws. This Yantra is highly successful and results-oriented. One of the most popular remedies for toilet in north direction is placing a northeast toilet box to eliminate fear, fatigue, and negative energies. This box includes energies and crystals that absorb the negative energy from the toilet.

2 East of North-East (ENE)

Using a bathroom or toilet in the East or North-East direction causes multiple Vastu doshas, which may cause severe complications for the family members who live there. Avoid using the bathroom according to Vastu/toilet in the North East immediately. In the North East, you can just use the toilet to bathe.

3 East (E)

According to Vastu for attached bathroom and toilet, the installation of toilets in the east will cause disruptions in your life. You can become engulfed in difficulties. Your older child’s development can be hampered. He may be confronted with a number of conundrums. There may even be problems with the foot. Your road to success can be obstructed. A static state can exist in life, and just as stagnant water rots, so can you sense what is going on in your life. If you have a toilet in the east direction of your house for whatever reason, using bamboo in the roof of the toilet will greatly help to mitigate the ill effects.

4 East of North-East (ENE)

An East of North-East toilet can cause more problems than one would predict or even consider. Not only does it cause problems in one’s marriage, but it can also cause major problems in one’s company and job prospects.

According to Vastu for bathroom and toilet, have salt in a bronze bowl and refill it once a week. When not in service, keep the pot cover down. Keep a pleasant scent in the toilet or shower.

5 South-East (SE)

Vastu Tips for South East Toilet
Source – Live Vastu

The South-East direction is often synonymous with sexuality and married life, and obstacles in the SouthEast portion of the house will cause marital discord. A toilet or shower, as well as an underground water body or an opening in the South-East direction, are not recommended. To overcome any obstacles, hang an image of a burning candle on the bathroom’s south side.

6 South of South-East (SSE)

The installation of toilets in the South of South-East direction is considered unlucky. It is possible to lose revenue as a result of making toilets in this direction. There will also be stumbling blocks in trade and growth. Every year, as summer approaches, your company and career will suffer. According to south east toilet vastu remedies, the colour green will harm you in every way. If it is not feasible to remove the toilet from the firing angle of your home, i.e. the southeast corner, attempt to mitigate the negative consequences by adding as much wood in that direction as possible and inserting a bowl of sea salt there.

7 South (S)

If you already have a toilet in the south direction of your building, consider shifting it between the south and southwest directions. The construction of toilets in the correct south direction results in a lack of glory. Later in life, the middle daughter will face several challenges. The radiance of life has faded, and your eyes seem to irritate you. There is already some disorder in the eyes, and troublesome messages may arrive every morning between 9 and 11 a.m. If you have a toilet in the south due to compulsion, you will reduce the consequences by placing a copper leaf on the toilet handle.

8 South of South-West (SSW)

If your toilet is in the South of South-West direction, you can repair it with a few Vastu remedies. Place a Vastu pyramid, for example, on the outside of the southwest toilet wall. Another alternative is to keep the toilet doors locked at all hours.

9 North of North East (NNE)

The right Vastu direction for the source of water and drainage in the bathroom and toilet is north, east, or north-east. The bathroom floor should slope in the same direction so that water drains in the same direction.

10 South-West (SW)

The best way for a toilet to be installed at your home is the southwest corner, given that the sewer is well arranged. In any case, the pit should not be dug in the direction of the South-West. Provided that the sewer is well-organized, the best location for a toilet in your home is the southwest corner. In any case, the pit should not be dug in the west or south-west direction.

11 West (W)

Building the toilet in the west direction will minimize comfort in the home, and the people who live there will still be miserable. According to Vastu shastra, the house’s younger daughter also becomes sad and introverted. She never expresses her thoughts to anybody. There is a lot of depression in that house, particularly during the winter and cold weather. A lack of iron, copper, magnesium and other mineral elements also has a negative impact on the health of the inhabitants of the house. Household members’ haemoglobin levels, especially those of women, fall as well. 

If your house has a bathroom in the exact west direction, you should paint the direction white to prevent the negative impact of the toilet. Anything made of iron should be fixed in that direction, or the toilet door should be made of iron. In addition, the glass bowl in that field should be filled with sea salt and rotated every few days. In addition, small girls should be given jaggery every few days between 3 and 5 p.m. Taking these precautions would ensure that, despite having a toilet facing west, the mood in your home remains pleasant.

12 West of North-West (WNW)

The best place to build a toilet is in the west or north of the North-West direction of the apartment. If the bathroom is different from the bedroom, the northwest side is better, while if there is an attached toilet, the west side is best. Building the toilet in the south corner is often called auspicious; stop building in the east or north directions at all costs.

13 North-West (NW)

The first precaution to take according to north west toilet Vastu is that the toilet pit should not be located directly in the northwest direction, but either slightly to the west or north. The toilet can also be far to the north or west of where you are standing, rather than directly to the northwest. Second, if you have a toilet facing north-west, you can exercise extreme caution according to north west toilet Vastu when applying for a loan. Loans can be taken in cases where the debt will be paid off quickly. When dealing with a father, extreme caution is needed.

14 North of North-West (NNW)

Having a toilet in the house’s North of North-East direction is a major Vastu Dosha. It is the centre of worship and the Vastu Purush’s head. According to remedies for toilet in north direction, when we build a toilet in this zone, the magnetic energy that comes from it is polluted. To cleanse the negative energies, place a palm plant inside the toilet. The toilet door should be painted a light yellow colour. Install a mirror on the north or east wall of the bathroom.

15 North (N)

If you would build a toilet in the north for whatever purpose, then the pit can be moved to the northwest. The wall of the toilet should be painted black. It is best not to use the bathroom between 11 and 1 a.m. White actual or artificial flowers should be placed in a white metal pot facing north in all weather conditions.

16 North of North-East (NNE)

Place a North-East Direction Yantra in the house’s North-East direction. Burn camphor (Kapoor) inside the bathroom on a regular basis and keep a bag of table salt inside the bathroom. Insert a palm tree into the bathroom. In the bathroom/toilet, light a fragrant candle.

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