Top Five Diwali Tips you should follow in 2020

diwali pooja tips

1. If Diwali is happening on a saturday, (Like this time),

  • Step out of the house and go to the nearest junction (where 4 roads meet). on the Diwali night, and leave your footwear’s there, and don’t look back and come to your home. This remedy will solve all your problems and hurdles in life.

2. If there are disputes related to property and/or any other problems in the chart related to Mars,

  • After Diwali pooja take a damru in hand and play it in the whole house and cover every corner. Then donate this damru to a Shiv temple, if it is not present near you, keep this in Mandir but play it daily.

3. For Mercury related problems, such as Asthma or respiratory problems,

  • Play Sea shell (Shankh), after Diwali pooja,

4. For problems related to JOB/ or problems pending from long time,

  • Take Black sesame seeds and rotate it over your head 7 times and throw it in the WEST direction from your home. (throw outside home in clean place).

5. For any Debt

  • Thrown jaggery in open drain for 43 days regularly in between 5 and 7pm (between night and day time), start this on the day of Diwali.

6. If you had lent money and have problem getting it back

  • Offer Nariyal to Kaal bhairon temple for 11 Saturdays starting from this Saturday (Diwali day).


Hope these Diwali Tips will be helpful for you & your family. For more guidance or Diwali Pooja Tips watch out our Webinar Video led by Astrologer Sunjay Sharma Ji. You can also book consultation for Diwali Pooja or any Kundali Guidance from Sunjay Sharma ji.


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