Vastu for Basement: All You Need To Know


The concept of the basement is not very popular in India, to the amount, that Vastu emphasizes avoiding building such space under the house as it is not seen successfully. Howbeit, if there is a compulsion of sorts to build one, it should be done with the assistance of Vaastu Shastra and its principles.

Principally, a basement is built for storage or parking use. Howbeit, there are times when such a place is as well used by the family to play indoor games or spend some quality time with each other such as watching a movie together through a projector.

Normally, basements are empty and should not be utilized for sleeping or living objectives. So tells the Vastu experts, who believe that a basement or a space under the house should not be used as a living or staying region. Thus, if this place is built as per Basement Vastu, its negative impacts will be nullified and the inhabitants may not feel the same adverse effects.

Basement Vastu: Helpful Tips To Follow

As cited above, developing a basement under the house is avoidable as per Vastu. This place is commonly quite dank as sunlight may not be able to reach the place. Moreover, there is a good chance that there may be water seepage issues from the surrounding soil which can afterward give rise to more problems.

Howbeit, in case one does happen to construct a basement, then it becomes essential to do so on account of the Vastu science, enforced for the better. Here are a few tips that might add value to your establishment of a basement:

  • It is best to architect your basement in the North, North-East, or East direction as these sides are very beneficial as per the basement for Vastu.
  • This way, there are opportunities that some sunlight may enter the basement and brighten the energy levels.
  • One can as well use bright colors to paint the walls of the basement which may as well assist in emitting good vibrations in this area.
  • It is also suggested that one-fourth part of the basement should be above the ground so that enough light enters to brighten up the place. This as well as helps in keeping the place dry and a little warm which, in turn, keeps the walls stable and perfect.
  • Situating all the heavy objects in the South and West parts of the basement can be very appropriate. By a similar token, in case the South-West corner is kept above the ground it will extract the hot evening sun rays. Plus, designing the structure in a way that the South-West corner takes more load can assist in building an excellent foundation for the basement too.
  • As this place is beneath ground level, ensure that the height of the basement is not compromised. The size of this place must be nine feet above for a much more comfortable experience.
  • The entire footprint of the basement should be in a square or rectangular shape as this helps to spread harmony and peaceful vibes.
  • Negativity comes into the frame when the place is untidy. Try to remain the area in the basement very clean and tidy for the humidity levels might already be a lot more than usual (as this location is a little dark and damp). Not cleaning the basement regularly may results in the growth of fungus (such as mold) as well! Know the significance of each direction in Vastu.

Basement for Vastu: The Don’ts

Constructing the basement covered by Basement Vastu is of great consequence. Vastu Shastra anyhow declines the idea of building a basement in the first place. But, provided that you do, it is pivotal to know what are the things that are required to be avoided while doing so as this helps in curbing the negativity in the house.

The construction of a basement concerning basement for Vastu is of the utmost relevance as this leads to spreading more optimistic energy in the house. Here are a few things to evade:

  • The basement should not be located in the South, South-East, and West direction because it is inauspicious to do so, says Ganesha.
  • Do not place heavy objects in the North or the East direction. Try keeping that space free for light to enter and lighten up the place, and for ventilation purposes.
  • Good positioning of the basement as referred to in the Vastu for Basement can assist the inhabitants of the family to live a comfortable life. It as well as helps in generating more business for the family, and in turn, assists in earning more wealth and opportunities in life.
  • So, applying such knowledge and experience in building a basement is pretty fruit-bearing as well as very vital to obtain the maximum benefits provided by the science of Vaastu!

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