Vastu for Kitchen-Essential tips to Follow

Kitchens play a vital role in every home, providing the home its health and happiness. People in countries like India; consider Vastu an essential guide in structuring their kitchens, to lend balance and harmony to the area.

Getting Beginning with Kitchen Vastu

Vastu Shastra is a science that details certain essential stages that when taken into consideration, improve the good aura of a kitchen. It’s believed that by the strategic placement of various appliances and designated cooking and storage regions, there is a harmonious flow of energy that straightly impacts the food that is prepared, as well as the health of the individuals eating it.

Origin of Kitchen Vastu

Many decades before, cooking was done on wood-fired stoves on the lawn, and utensils were washed in a separate area of the house. Vastu guidelines were formulated depending on the position of the Sun and wind directions. This practice is adopted by many even in today’s modular kitchens, with the cooking space being solid and efficient, yet without compromising on the food and its cooking procedure.

All sorts of energy prevail at home, but the kitchen is one area that attracts multiple amounts of energy, both good and bad. There are some rules of Vastu for kitchens that should be applied in case you want to enhance its positive aura. This blog will help you with some invaluable kitchen Vastu tips, from layouts to small placement switches.

1. Kitchen Vastu Tips to Plan the Design Well

Hence, do you have a new house and the freedom to decide where your kitchen should be developed? You are in luck! When it arrives in the best direction, attempt to reserve the southeast corner of your home for the kitchen. This kitchen direction according to Vastu is ruled by the fire element, hence making it perfect for your kitchen. In case you do not find a suitable place in that corner, then the northwest direction as well serves as a good option.

2. Kitchen Vastu Direction for Its Entrance

Just like the plan, the entrance is as well essential when it comes to the Vastu for the kitchen. Experts define that the entrance or the door to your kitchen should be in the east, north, or west. As well, as per kitchen Vastu, try to assure that it does not fall in any of the corners.

3. Vastu Tips for Kitchen Stoves: The Finest Placement

Concerning Vastu for the kitchen sink and stove? Further, you’ve decided on a kitchen layout, and selecting the placement of the cooking gas is one of the most essential elements of a kitchen as per Vastu principles. As cited before, the element of fire administers the southeast direction; hence the stove must always be placed in that direction. As well, the person utilizing the stove should face east, according to kitchen Vastu directions, as this is considered to be an auspicious direction.

4. Kitchen Vastu Tips for Sinks

Sinks and taps demonstrate flowing water and so, the best place for the sink according to Vastu tips for the kitchen are in the northeast direction. As well, the sink in the kitchen should not be placed anywhere close to the stove, since water and fire are against elements, and they repel every other.

5. Vastu Tips for Kitchens to Let Out Adversity

Windows are a route to let negativity out, and a kitchen must have a few windows. A kitchen according to Vastu principles should as well have an exhaust, and it should be situated in the east to let out all the negative energy. Windows should as well be placed in the same kitchen direction. This is a tip that can prove to be beneficial at the time of deciding your kitchen location.

6. Kitchen Vastu Tips for Colors

Vastu rules say that using black in the kitchen is unfortunate. Rather, use bright colors such as green, orange, red, and so on. These will not just enhance the Vastu for kitchens, but as well make them look trendy and happy!

7. Vastu Tips for Refrigerator Placement

Refrigerators are rising in size day by day, and locating the right place for them in the kitchen is becoming increasingly important, as per Vastu’s tips for kitchens, situating the refrigerator in the southwest direction and at least a foot away from the corners is an excellent idea. Avoid situating it in the northeast direction.

8: Kitchen Tips for Storage Units

Storage is another essential element in modern Indian kitchens. You need storage for food grains, utensils, crockery, and other kitchen elements. Place storage units or cabinets together in the southern or western direction. Plus, try to avert the eastern and northern walls for maintaining grains.

9: Vastu Tips for Other Electric Appliances

Modern kitchens are filled with electrical appliances like microwaves, ovens, heaters, mixers, and grinders. These appliances must always occupy the southeast direction in the kitchen. As well, ensure that you never place electricals in the northeast direction.

10. Recommended Direction as per Kitchen Vastu

When it arrives in the kitchen, fire is the leading element. Almost all the elements in a kitchen, such as a stove, gas cylinder, microwave, fridge, etc. are all linked to fire. Agni, the God of Fire, leads the southeast direction. As such, the direction must ideally be toward the southeast. If your kitchen cannot face the southeast, you can even consider the fairly auspicious northwest direction.

11. Finest Direction of Windows in the Kitchen

While the direction of your kitchen must be towards the southeast, it’s suggested that the windows face the east direction. This is because the morning rays of the sunlight can flow into your kitchen, thereby killing all the germs and bacteria.

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