Vastu for Restaurant: Important Things To Know

Whether you are building a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one, it is vital to keep in mind the Vastu restaurant for its success. A Vastu-compliant restaurant could assure a smooth customer experience and growth in business for the owner.

Through this blog, we will take you through the most high-profile Vastu tips for restaurants which will help you incorporate growth, profit, and positivity in your restaurant.

Entry Gate to the Restaurant

This is one of the most significant Vastu tips for restaurants, so you must always keep this in mind. Whenever you develop a restaurant make sure that the major entrance is in the East or North direction. It is believed according to Vastu that these directions bring wealth and good fortune to the partners of the restaurant.

Restaurant Kitchen

Vastu for the restaurant kitchen states that it should be in the South-East direction of the restaurant. Following Vastu, this is the most propitious direction to place the burner in the kitchen. Assure that the washrooms/toilet should not be near the kitchen as it can create a foul ambiance.

Seating Arrangement of the Restaurant

According to Vastu for a restaurant, the seating arrangement must always be done on the ground flooring of the restaurant. The logic behind this is that, in India, customers are treated as God and so they should be given welcoming treatment. Ground flooring makes you give priority to your customers.

Color of the Restaurant Wall

The colors of your restaurant wall should also be welcoming. It creates a good initial impression in front of the customers. To make a good first impression, you should go for bright colors such as green, yellow, blue, orange, and other neutral colors that are treated to be auspicious for the restaurant.

Water Fountain

In case you want to make your restaurant look attractive, according to Vastu Shastra for a restaurant, you should try to build the fountain in the North-East direction. It is believed that having a source of water in this direction is considered to be greatly lucky. You can as well opt to place an aquarium in this direction.

Restaurant Toilets

According to the principles of Vastu for restaurants, the washrooms or toilets must never be placed close to the kitchen. Ensure that the walls of the kitchen do not touch the walls of the toilet. As well, the toilets should be structured in the North-West or West direction.

Storage Room in Restaurant

Vastu for the restaurant signifies that the storage room should always be situated in the South-West direction. Ensure that the storage room has enough space for grain sacks, oils, and vegetables as they are the principal ingredients of any restaurant. The South-West direction is considered to be the best area to place raw materials in the restaurant.

Vastu for Restaurant Cash Counter

Accordingly, the cash counter in the restaurant should be placed together with the reception in the East or North corner of the restaurant. The explanation for this is that both these directions are treated to be the best for transactions and money-based matters. Avert having beams or pillars near the counter could incur losses to the owner

Plants for Restaurant

Another factor that could assist you attract your customers is to place natural flowers in the windows of the restaurant. Vastu for restaurants recommends avoiding artificial flowers and placing natural flowers would expand the flow of positivity.

Bright Atmosphere in Restaurant

Ensure that the atmosphere of the restaurant is bright and flourishing. All the rooms of the restaurant should be well-lit due to dark and dingy lighting calling for negativity inside the place. Following Vastu to a restaurant, dark and negative energies enter the restaurant smoothly.

Vastu for hotel restaurant

As per Vastu, a kitchen should be established in the Southeast corner of the hotel for best results. Though it might not always be possible to build the kitchen in the Southeast, thence the next best alternative is to construct the kitchen in the Northwest direction. Restaurant Kitchen Vastu signifies that it would result in the business flourishing.

Additional Vastu tips for restaurant

  • Attempt to avoid arches, beams, and pillars on the bounds of the restaurant as it is believed to bring losses.
  • Ensure that the shape of the plot is regular and not ill-shaped as it brings security and wealth as per the Vastu for restaurants.
  • Electrical equipment like geysers, generators, and inverters must always be located in the South-East.
  • At the time of accepting the payments, the individual sitting at the cash counter must be facing the North or East direction.
  • Hanging mirrors on the wall would assist in increasing the wealth and optimism in the restaurant.

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