Vastu for Toilet & Bathroom -Why should we keep salt in the bathroom?

Vastu Shastra has specific instructions for every area of ​​the home, be it a children’s bedroom, home office, meditation room, or kitchen so,below There are also Vastu tips and guidelines for bathroom and toilet depending on their direction and position. Toilets and bathrooms are often a source of negative energy in the home as they are often not given the same treatment as a person’s bedroom or living room.

Important Vastu Tips for Your Bathrooms and Toilets

  •  The best place to build a bathroom according to Vastu is the northwest part of the home as it supports waste disposal.
  • Good quality, the wooden door for the bathroom should be the first course of action. A metal door promotes indifference and can damage your health.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed at all times to avoid allowing evil forces to invade your home and create obstacles in your work and personal relationships.
  • Do not decorate the bathroom door with decorative pictures or religious idols.
  • As with Vastu, the bathroom should not share a wall with the bedroom, puja room, or kitchen, among other things, as it can create an unpleasant vibe in the house. A bed that shares a wall and a toilet can cause you to have nightmares.
  • The bathroom and lavatory should be on the east, north, and northeastern part of the bathroom according to Vastu.
  • Vastu’s perfect guide to drainage and drainage in the bathroom and toilet is north, east, or northeast. The bathroom floor should go down the same way so that water flows in the same direction.
  • One has to pay special attention to the placement of the toilet seat inside the bathroom. It should be located west or northwest as it supports the elimination of waste and toxins in the human body.
  • The exhaust window or bathroom window should face east or northeast for fresh air and sunlight to enter. Ventilation is important as it eliminates germs inside the bathroom.
  • According to Vastu, the best colors for the interior of the bathroom are shades of brown, beige, cream, and other earthy shades. Avoid black and dark blue.

5 Things to Avoid in bathrooms and toilets

  • Do not have a water closet, toilet, above or below the pooja room, fireplace, or sleeping area.
  • Avoid toilets in the center, North East or Southwest corner of the home.
  • Avoid septic tank south of the toilet.
  • Never get a toilet attached to the South-East or South-West.
  • Never store water or install taps in the Southwest or Southeast.

Importance of salt in Vastu shastra:

 Firstly,Salt is used in this way. But it also has great significance in Vastu Shastra. About salt, it has been said by the stars that it not only removes health-related problems, but also brings happiness, peace, and prosperity to the home. It transmits good energy by eliminating the negative energy of the house.

Secondly,According to Vastu Shastra, many problems are easily overcome with a little salt. Some people wipe it off by putting salt in the water every day to reduce misery at home and alleviate poverty and However, sea salt has been described as suitable for cleansing the home.

Here are a few tips for Salt Vastu to get rid of negativity in life:

If you feel down, tired, depressed, and full of bad energy take bath with saltwater and Add salt to the bucket and wash off the negative effects from head to toe. You will feel refreshed and energized.

Just a pinch of sea salt in your house can give you benefit

If you feel dizzy or do not get the results you want, take a pinch of salt in your hand and shake it on your head and body five to seven times and dip it in water. It will absorb all your negative energy and you will feel like you are being thrown up.

Bowl of salt can remove bad evils from your home

To remove harmful energy from the house, keep a bowl of salty water in your room. It should be easily accessible. Change this common saltwater. Remember to wash this water in the bathroom or sink. It should not touch or spill out. This container will absorb all the negative energy from your room.

Add salt to the water while cleaning the house

Rinse the floor of your house with salt water from time to time. It will absorb all the injustice of the house.

Remove vastu defects from your house 

Use salt or rock salt in the bathroom. Keep it in any place where it is not visible. It will absorb all the negative energy that comes from the bathroom. If your bathroom has Vastu flaws then it will help you reduce the side effects by using salt.

As dust or dirt is a sign of bad energy accumulated in the house so wash all items, art objects, or decorative items with saltwater. Add a pinch of salt to the water and clean the items. It will improve the positivity in the house.

As excess is always bad, so try to use more salt for better results and As excess salt harms your health, it also causes side effects and releases negative energy and therefore, use salt wisely.

Lastly,Apart from this, using salt and water cloves in the house will make the house smell good with a different kind of scent. At the same time, if there is a structural defect related to the bathroom so, take crystal salt from the container and store it in the bathroom where no one can touch it by hand and continue changing the salt in the container in a few days.

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