Best Books or Resources to learn Vastu Shastra from home?

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In our lives, Vastu promotes health and positivity. Every portion of the home, such as the entrance hall, the hallway, the living room, the kitchen and the office arrangement, can be built into it. Vastu has emerged as one of the most lucrative employment prospects with increasing urbanisation and industrialization.

Vastu Sastha’s analysis is very significant since the five elements of nature are constructed by the method. It’s Fire, Land, Water, Space, Air. If these five elements’ powers are assembled under one umbrella, the indigenous person in the same role enjoys the benefits of the beneficial energies emanating from certain natural forces.

Here are some Vastu Shastra books that you can consider if you want to know how to learn vastu yourself.

I bet that if you are very inclined to study Vastu Shastra, you don’t want to lose any of them. Have a look at the below-mentioned books:

  1. Astrology & Vastu Remedies by R. Sarma & Vishal Sharma [SA]

Astrology & Vastu Remedies for Happiness & Successful Life is special to all around the globe as astrological and vast shastra-driven remedies. In the last 25 years, they have practised and applied these remedies and have made a lasting change in the lives of people. The authors have written numerous Vastu books on the topics of remedies based on Asteroids, Nakshatras and Vastu, and now all three subjects are discussed in great detail in only one book for the first time.

  1. Kalyan Varma’s Jataka Parijata By V. Subramanya Sastri 

The text “Jataka Parijat” presented is one of the new gems of astrological literature composed by Shri Vaidyanath Dixit. In the book, divided into 18 chapters, the scholar creator has presented his new views and experiences in a meaningful way, respecting the Parashar opinion with full respect. Reading of the presented text after contemplating “Brihajatakat” and “Saravali” is high. Keeping in mind the need of the Brajjatakas, Kalyan Varma wrote the Saravali. But due to the lack of some important topics in the table, the Jataka Parijat has been composed. In place of experience, the proven things have been accepted with an open heart. The importance of this unique book is presented at different places in the higher-order texts like Faldipika Jataka Bhushan, Jataka Tattva, Ashtakvarga Mahanadhi etc.

  1. Scientific Approach to Vastu Shastra

At the request of respected readers, this book was written, keeping in mind that each principle of the Vedic Vastu Shastra is narrated in a simple language. This mainly focuses on the plots & buildings that are not compatible with their cardinal directions and are inclined at a few degrees or more, as per Vastu Shastra. This is indeed a rare & stunning book that Vastu believers must have as well.

  1. Scientific Vastu Guidelines

This is Vastu’s wonderful guidebook, written in the style of brief annotations. It has a strong knowledge of the concepts of Vastu shastra and very helpful tips for use at any time in any house that trusts Vastu. The regular considerations of the field of study, the details of Vastu Shastra’s kitchen review, are mentioned in this novel.

  1. Vastu Shastra in Modern Context

For beginners & those who want to learn vastu in modern times about the originality, tradition, meaning & other specifics of the traditional & contemporary use of science Vastu. One can quickly build his home after reading this novel and he can also make the necessary corrections in the already built-up building.

  1. Ancient Science of Vastu 

This book manifests Vastu Shastra in its purest, unsullied and authentic nature, revealing the mysterious secrets of Vastu Shastra that have been concealed for centuries. This book is a whole set of Vastu Shastra, from characteristics and selection of ground, sub-terrain faults, auspicious time, planetary location, micro-cell capacity, water reservoir, temple building, entrance and furniture consideration, to other scientific calculations. 

  1. Principles of Vastu Shastra

The first name that comes to mind when we think about perfect Vaastu advice for new constructions and modifications is that of the esteemed scholar and engineer Shri Technical Vaastu. Buditi Yogeshwara Rao from Hyderabad. Shri B. Y. Rao has contributed to numerous active Scientific Vaastu application programmes for the residency sector and various organisations for more than two decades. Endeavour strives to enhance productivity and, productively, profitably and to create a healthier working atmosphere with a focus on wellbeing, moral reality of resources and new energy infusion.

You can take an online course to learn Vastu from the heart since you can only achieve functional applicability after that. Vastu Books will teach you theoretical knowledge, but with a Vastu Course, the practical implementation of all those lessons can be accomplished. If you are inclined to develop a career at Vastu Consultancy, then it is a wise decision to enrol in Anjaney Vastu’s Vastu Online Course. It offers a comprehensive course that explains all the facets of Vastu Shastra.

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