How to become a Vastu Shastra Expert?

vastu shastra expert

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Architecture Science that guides the design and creation of buildings or other infrastructures under the divine and essential laws of the universe. The origins of Vastu Shastra can be dated back more than 5000 years. This old-age Hindu technique offers detailed guidance about what to keep in mind when picking a piece of land and building homes.

In our lives, Vastu emphasises positivity and wellness. It can be integrated into any aspect of the house, such as the entrance area, the study, the dining room, the layout of the kitchen and the office. With the advantage of rising urbanisation and economic growth, Vastu has emerged as one of the most lucrative job opportunities.

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The specialist in Vastu has a total understanding of the essence of these forces and their impacts. They are able to determine the influence of these powers on the subconscious mind and life based on their knowledge, comprehension and interpretation of the world.

That said, in Vastu Shastra’s analysis, the person who provides such solutions also needs to be deeply versed. All of these things you will need to learn and, as such, learning them correctly takes time and resources. The very first and most reliable way to learn Vastu shastra online is through a certified Vastu Course if you really want to become a Vastu Shastra Expert.

Become a Vastu Shastra Expert


Growing demand for new housing, new employment and new stores has contributed to a spike in the number of people who have selected Vastu as an occupation. As such, Vaastu Shastra is a study of the energy present in different types of buildings, such as homes, schools, shops and industries.

One who has a deep understanding, expertise and experience in Vaastu Shastra is a Vaastu expert or Vaastu consultant who has the capacity to guide individuals in the course, place and placement of the various components of the system.

In view of the increasing popularity and understanding of Vaastu Shastra, numerous institutes have begun to teach courses at various degree and diploma levels in this area. Experience and a thorough study of books, apart from academic qualifications, can also render a good Vaastu consultant.

For the construction of their projects, many constructors choose Vaastu consultants, whether they are housing agencies, hotels or any other residential or commercial buildings. Buildings built on a Vaastu expert’s suggestion are claimed to offer more efficiency. Moreover, Vaastu consultants are hired by a variety of TV channels to broadcast their Vaastu Shastra-related programs. By training, Vaastu consultants will share their experience with others.

Register to a course that teaches you how to study Vastu & become a consultant that offers scientific research and reported case studies. In this way, you will be able to get the right preparation and strategies to give successful and credible guidance to individuals to become a Vastu Shastra Expert

Traditional courses are more costly and complicated than online courses that are offered. For some moment in time, you should be present for standard lessons, otherwise, you’d miss it. Studying online, on the other hand, is easier. No matter where you are, you can do it 24-7. You don’t need to go anywhere. You’re going to have a chance to find out at your own rate. No peer pressure.

In addition, many of the best Vastu practitioners move from one place to another or work in areas that you can not enter easily, and as such, you can not benefit from them conventionally. Via online learning, you will easily get an opportunity to learn Vastu online from experts around the world.

Advantages of Becoming a Vastu Shastra Expert

(i) Become a Trainer

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As you know, Vastu Shastra’s growing success is growing day by day and more people are looking to make it a profession. As a matter of fact, by imparting information and being a trained Vastu mentor, you can help these people out. You can quickly start making more money by offering courses once you are able to win the confidence of some students and develop your reputation as a proficient Vastu consultant.

(ii) Offer Consultation Services

As a Vastu Consultant, the very first way to raise money is by offering personal consultancy services for Vastu. If you want to follow the online route for this, you can build your own website and start having sessions from it, so you will have to purchase or rent a physical office where your customers can come for appointments if you still want to follow the conventional route.

Skills Required to Become a Vastu Shastra Expert

  • It is a must to possess strong listening abilities. To be able to consider the root cause of issues identified by your customer, you have to be a good listener.
  • In order to authenticate the work and Vastu appraisal with rational reasoning, a solid base of Vastu knowledge is required.
  • To be able to understand the needs the client and to produce ideal and cost-effective solutions, it is important to constantly update with the latest trends in Vastu Shastra.
  • Clarity of mind is important and only then can you describe your dilemma to your customer.

Final Thoughts

In Vastu, the fundamental idea is to help people build hope and transform their energy in their difficult times and manifest their minds towards success in finding solutions. It offers returns in the form of consultancy fees as there is precision on this career line, and one will continue to make strides on this career path since there is so broad a knowledge that there is life-long learning. Through its Vastu Course, Anjaney Vastu provides a ground-breaking learning mechanism where you are committed to high standards to ensure that you have the best Vastu Shastra learning experience possible.

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