Vastu Tips for Children Room – Vastu Shastra Guidelines for Kids

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Children’s room is a place of leisure activities and fun; however, some simple things should be taken care of to make your kid an all-rounder. Vastu Tips for children room suggests putting everything in its proper place in the appropriate direction, such as study table, bed, bathroom, clock, window, door, and so on. The positioning of things instils positive thinking in children’s minds to work harder and make them joyful.

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Every mother or father is eager to see their child progress in every sphere of life, while the Vastu Children’s Room Tips are some negative things that every home has to do with Vastu defects that affect children’s behaviour and mind. Improper placement of things turns children into brat, stubborn and low concentration, pushing their parents to get on their nerves. Designing your child’s room according to Vastu rules may give you positive results to make your child obedient and progressive.

Here is a list of Vastu Tips for children room 

(i) Direction of the Room

Building a home is one of the most important things to do and to clean up places in the house is another. The best direction for the children’s room is the direction west of the house. Choosing the best path for your space makes your kid obedient, punctual and progressive in adulthood.

(ii) Placement

Children’s room is popular for relaxation and leisure. It’s a hub of playfulness and wild games and fun. Vastu Shastra states that any item in the children’s room must be appropriately positioned, bearing in mind the instructions to instil good thought, cheerfulness and wisdom in the children’s minds. Improper positioning in the room will make your child a spoiled brat who is just not appropriate. So, keep all things in the right direction for a bright, happy and safe kid.

(iii) Direction of the Bed

According to Vastu Shastra, the correct orientation for the bed is the south-western part of the place, and it’s a practice to let your children sleep in the direction of the east or the south. Following this idea allows the infant to be calm and to maintain peace of mind.

(iv) Placement of Furniture

The child’s room is not full without suitable furniture, including cupboards, study tables and book and toy cabinets. The best location to put the furniture is in the south-west direction since it does not cause any sort of problem. Even, make sure the cabinets and cupboards are fixed in the south-west direction.

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(v) Avoid Having a Mirror

There’s no question that a mirror is required to get ready, but the mirror also attracts a lot of evil eyes, which is why Vastu Shastra says avoiding the mirrors in the room. In the children’s room, attempt close contact with the mirrors, particularly in front of the crib, as it also avoids distraction.

(vi) Light in the Room

The room is incomplete without adequate lighting and lamps. The right location of the lights is the direction of the southeast. Also, make sure that good lights are used, neither bright nor dull lights can work. Using high-quality lighting, make your space brighter and also save your eyes from tension and mind.

(vii) Area of Study

The study area is yet another important part of the children’s room. In order to increase concentration, Vastu Shastra advises that the area be kept clean, fresh and not cluttered; this will enhance the creation of new ideas and also help the child learn to keep things in order. Also, check the position of the study table, the correct position of the study table facing north, east or northeast, which encourages growth and rejuvenates the mind.

(viii) Colour of the Room

The days are gone when the blue colour was for boys and the pink colour for girls. Parents are now taking advice from Vastu Shastra practitioners before painting the children’s room. Preferred colours for children’s rooms are green and blue; this adds freshness, positivity and brightness to the room. Also, make sure that the doors of the room are always in the east or north direction because these are the best directions for the door.

(ix) Placement of Gadgets

The mind of the child is really fresh, youthful and open to new experiences. It is always recommended that fewer gadgets be kept, that less automatic items be handed over to the child and that they learn different ways to enjoy playing outside or reading books. In this situation, many parents are stringent and do not allow any electronics, from television to phone, to handheld devices in children’s rooms. But, now that we are in this modernising world, avoiding gadgets is almost impossible, which is why Vastu says keeping gadgets like computers, Play Station or laptops in the north while watching TV in the south-east. But don’t forget to follow the time limits of a disciplined and focused child.

It is correctly said, ‘Youth is the hope of our country.’ In reality, there’s nothing the parent won’t do to ensure their children’s well-being. The well-being of a child does not only mean their health, but it also means preparing them for their future life. This is the result of having positive thinking, creativity, and energy to go ahead. Besides giving them good morals, education and philosophy of life, you can do one very simple yet very effective thing for their future which is designing their room according to Vastu Shastra Tips for children room.

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