Ways To Improve Vastu of Existing Home Without Making Architectural Changes

Positive energy is one of the most important components of a happy and successful life. Vastu is an important factor in this. Scientific studies have shown that positive surroundings and good vibes have the greatest impact on an individual’s success.

Vastu means “dwelling,” and it is the home of both gods and humans. Vastu Shastra is based on various atmospheric energies such as solar energy from the sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, and wind energy. These energies can be balanced in order to achieve greater peace, prosperity, and success. If a house is built on these principles, the occupants will experience all of life’s joys.

People used to spend their time and effort building their homes from the ground up. Making a Vastu-compliant home was not a difficult task because the land was abundant and freely available. 

Finding a home that met Vastu Shastra guidelines became difficult as buyer preferences shifted in favor of apartments and readymade bungalows. There is a common misconception that Vastu’s flaws cannot be corrected without structural changes. On the contrary, there are a number of do-it-yourself ways to improve Vastu without making any structural changes.

Bedroom Tips

  • Keep televisions and computers out of the bedroom.
  • Never go to bed with your head pointing south. 
  • Avoid having any water or plants in the bedroom.
  • On a double bed, avoid using separate mattresses. Use only a single double-bed mattress and bed sheets.
  • Arrange the furniture so that it forms a square, circle, or octagon.
  • Place the bed away from any beams.
  • Ensure that the cupboards and beds are close to the southwest wall and away from the northeast wall.
  • Keep the cash box in the south, and the almirah door should open to the north.

Living Room Tips

  • Keep the television and computers in the living room’s southeast corner. Avoid putting it in the northeast or southwest corner.
  • Bright lights should be used to illuminate the corners.
  • Hang a picture of bright sunrise on the living room’s southern wall.
  • Install a bright light near the main entrance.
  • Keep an aquarium in the living room’s northeast corner. It should have nine goldfish and one black fish, as this is thought to be very lucky for the family.
  • A happy family portrait can also be displayed in the living room.
  • Hoarding stale food, torn clothes, or waste material in the house prevents positive energy from entering.
  • Avoid placing leather items on marble flooring because it is considered a holy stone. In the bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets, marble flooring should be avoided. Marble can be used in the puja room, which should be well-lit and airy.

Kitchen Tips

  • Keep a mirror out of the kitchen.
  • The gas stove should be in the kitchen’s southeast corner, and the cook should face east while cooking.
  • Place the drinking water in the kitchen’s northeast corner.
  • If you keep brooms and mops in the kitchen, make sure they are not visible.

Bathroom & Toilet Tips

  • Keep the bathroom and toilet doors closed at all times.
  • Position the toilet seat against the south or west wall.
  • All windows should open outward rather than inward.

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