Which flat is good as per Vastu?-Top 12 Vastu Shastra Tips for Flat

Several guidelines are stated by Vastu, a Hindu science that carries out the creation of all structures. To be propitious and disentangle positivity, the Vastu for flats must comply with the science of structure. Owning and developing a house can be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement in this era, considering the land area amount is less, and the population continues to increase and increase.

Optimistic feelings of pride and satisfaction must be protected from the adverse energy of the space. Vastu Shastra for flats prescribes direction, placement, plot selection, and other decorative accessories required to counteract the evil effects.

You do not get to construct your flat as per the principles of Vastu for the flat that might lead to Vastu Dosh at your abode. Howbeit, there are solutions to each problem in Hindu Vastu shastra. A great number of tips related to Vastu for apartments are available. In case you can follow them, nobody can stop you from having a prosperous and healthy life.

Top 12 Vastu Shastra Tips for Flat

#1. Keep the northeast side open

Always allow air and sunlight to enter through the northeastern side of your flat. As per the Vastu, the health of every family member remains unharmed in case you have the door facing the northeast side of the flat. Even in case, you do not; ensure that you have a window or a small hole on that side.

#2. Assess ahead of buying

In most situations, whenever people come across a flat having a north-facing entrance, they get over delighted and jump into purchasing it. However, seeing the other belt of the flat is also important. Thus, before you purchase a particular property, see if at least 18 out of the 32 zones match.

#3.Propose an owl on guard

On the southeastern edge of your home, put a ‘coin owl showpiece’. Keeping this at house transforms all negativity into prosperity and positivity. This showpiece with an owl sitting on a heap of coins personifies that goddess Laxmi herself is on guard of your wealth.

#4. Centralize on the entrance

Main door Vastu for flats is an essential factor you should consider to make your home flourish. It is a strong belief that your main door of the house should be the largest among the rest of the doors. It contributes to good luck and positive energy via the main door and always keeps the home bountiful with wealth.

#5. Southeastern kitchen Vastu for flat

The best side to cook on is the southeastern corner of the house. Cooking during facing any other direction is considered harmful to the health of the chef or the owner of the home. One must face towards the east at the time of cooking to have a healthy life ahead.

#6. Include plants on the east

Balconies on the eastern side of the home are considered very lucky as per the Vastu. In case you have a balcony in the east direction, then put lots of plants on the balcony. As the first ray of sun drops on the plants, it radiates revitalization, which is believed to be propitious for the home.

#7. Face the idols facing the west

During you are praying, you should always face the east side of the northeast side. Thence, you have to put your idol on the east wall of your puja room and the idols must face the west side. This fundamental of Vastu for pooja rooms in flats is very effective to bring affluence into your home and keep the negative eyes away from the house.

#8. Place a Jade plant

The Jade plant is as well known as a type of money plant. This epitomizes prosperity and renewal together with immense wealth. Put this good luck plant in the center of your drawing room or on your children’s study table. This plant will also assist to energize your child. You can keep this plant in your office as well.

#9. Decorate the entrance

Not just for Vastu for flats entrance but also houses, having an aesthetic gateway is favorable from all aspects. When the entrance of your home is attractive and luminous, positivity and prosperity come knocking at the door.

#10. Brighten up with lights

There is a tradition of lighting diyas in Hindu mythology on the night of Amavasya to remove negativity from home. This rule is fairly productive for all other days particularly if you live in a flat. Brightened up house makes one feel joyous and eliminates all the negativity from the home.

#11. Keep a water fountain

A fountain in Vastu shastra signifies the flow of money, love, and happiness in the home. Get your flat/apartment a water fountain, small or big, and put it on the northeastern corner of the home. Opt for a fascinating one, so that it not just strengthens the Vastu but also contributes to the beauty of your home.

#12. Store in the south

In case you wish to have a store room in your flat, then the southern or southeastern part is suitable for it. this side. This site is good for making a place for waste storing room. Just such as bathrooms are placed on the southern sides, storerooms should as well be placed in the same direction.

Vastu Direction for Flats

Check out the below-cited directions to get a better idea of Vastu Shastra:

West Facing Flat Vastu

There is no claim that the West-facing flats are unfortunate. However, West-facing flats are considered low grade, while East-facing flats are considered top grade, which is in line together with Vastu.

East Facing Flat Vastu

The east-facing flats are one of the finest flats to opt for as most of the east-facing flats fall on A-grade property. The A-grade property is the most auspicious one as it entirely complies with the Vastu Shastra.

North Facing Flat Vastu

The north-facing flats are treated well for residential as they are associated with Kuber, the god of wealth. Moreover, it as well generates financial fortune and promotes good health for its community.

South Facing Flat Vastu

The south-facing flats are considered unfavorable as the south direction is associated with Lord Yama, the god of death. It is suggested to construct the flat in other directions to make the property comply with the Vastu Shastra.

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