Why should Civil Engineers learn Vastu?



It is rightly said, “Your home is where your heart is!”

The true meaning of your perfect home is where you find solace, a place where you feel belonged, and most importantly have the most positive vibes.

Now, many of us are unaware of our Ancient Indian Architectural Concept that revolves around bringing in only positive vibes in the house – called VASTU SHASTRA!

Most of us have only heard about it and are quite familiar with the terminology, but have never given it a serious thought.

What is Vastu Shastra exactly?

Vastu is nothing but the HOME or abode itself where the inhabitants live. And Vastu Shastra is the Ancient Science of Architecture in the Indian tradition, developed thousands of years ago and has been in practice since then. Its principles are based on the five most popular elements, viz.,

  • Vayu (Air)
  • Agni (Fire)
  • Bhumi (Earth)
  • Jal (Water)
  • Aakash (Sky)

It combines all these five elements in a perfect setting to bring prosperity, happiness, good health, positive energies, and make living really peaceful and harmonious.

Vastu Shastra is said to take a lot of factors into account when it comes to constructing a building, or an office, or a house, etc.

These factors include the roads around the house, the topography, directions, colors of the house, other constructions around the place, etc. In fact, it goes beyond these superficial spacing issues to really great depths, depending upon what you have placed in the house, such as furniture, mirrors, plants, water, etc.

Basically, this traditional science of architecture is known to take into consideration the harmonious arrangement of the various elements in accordance with nature, which in turn helps promote the amelioration of the inhabitants of the place.

Thus, a Vastu or a house, built in accordance with the Vastu Shastra principles is said to help the inhabitants stay in tune with the universe, or so to say the natural elements and thus live a happy, balanced and peaceful life.

So, if you are living in a Vastu Shastra-compliant home, you would experience very positive energy altogether and be mentally balanced, and have great health and other significant benefits thereafter.

Why do Civil Engineers need to know about Vastu Shastra?

Well, when it comes to constructing your dream home perfectly, you would definitely look for a renowned Civil Engineer/Architect to help you build the same.

And therefore, it becomes necessary for the Civil Engineer to know a lot about Vastu compliance of the house, so that he/she can design the home in tandem with it.

Now, there are various principles of Vastu Shastra that any civil engineer would need to know, basically, the placement of various rooms, etc.

Let us look at the various places where a Civil Engineer would need to pitch in to build a Vastu-compliant house.

  • The Entrance of the house, from where all the positive energy comes in.
  • The kitchen, where your health is taken care of.
  • The bedroom is a space where you wish to unwind and relax, and where your wealth, health, personal life, tranquility is taken care of.
  • The Puja Ghar, which is the center of all the hygiene and positive vibes in the home.
  • The living room, where most of your energy is spent.
  • The balcony from where most of the energies flow in.
  • The bathroom, which is supposed to help in cleaning or washing off the negative energies.

Apart from these, there are several other things to be taken care of while you place certain objects in the house, such as the water pipes, bathroom arrangement, mirrors, furniture, kitchen gas stove position, windows (from where both light and air can flow easily), the color palette of the entire house, and many other things.

Having said that, Civil Engineers, therefore, need to be well acquainted with the Vastu Shastra, as they need to lay the foundations of the house in the most appropriate manner, to begin with.

Now, to channelize the flow of positive energy in the house, the outer structure also needs to be taken care of.

This is where the Civil Engineer also comes into the picture.

When it comes to the direction-wise placement of doors, the Civil Engineer can help you with his/her expertise as to how to get it right, if at all as per the Vastu of your house it is in the wrong direction.

It would save you a lot of money if you get the foundations of your house checked as per the Vastu Shastra from an expert right before you start constructing one.

Thus, the Civil Engineer truly has an important role to play when it comes to making the correct innovative choices right from the start in building the perfect home of your dreams that will bring you financial success, peace and carry harmonious vibes in accordance with nature, of course with the help of the Vastu Shastra principles.

And therefore, it would always be a good idea to find a Civil Engineer who knows the principles of Vastu Shastra and has immense knowledge of the same to build you a Vastu-compliant home that would bring in tons of benefits to you.

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